On tech, no need to wait for sales to save a MAX

The end of the year holidays are approaching and like every year, you are looking for the best Christmas present.

Every year, it’s the same thing. Finding the perfect gift for each of your loved ones is a challenge. Let yourself be tempted by the refurbished? At Back Market, there is a wide variety of products at reduced prices and on top of that, you consume smartly. Bingo!

Discover all the offers on Back Market

The best gift ideas are on the Back Market

Computers, smartphones, game consoles, robot vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, electric scooters, tablets… Back Market has almost everything in stock. Since its launch in 2014, it has been the undisputed leader in refurbished tech products. No need to curse yourself because you missed Black Friday to get all your Christmas presents. Low prices are all year round at Back Market. You can actually save up to 70% compared to new products.

No frills though: the products available on the site have all been restored by certified professionals and have been tested and verified by experts. Regarding the guarantee, it is 12 months minimum and the icing on the cake: you have the theft and breakage insurance included. Reassuring, right?

By choosing repackaged products for your gifts, you are consuming responsibly. Yes, in addition to giving people a great tech gift, you are giving these products a second life. It is not a few scratches that prevent these products from being of good quality! In short, you kill two birds with one stone. What if that was the magic of Christmas? Here is our selection to help you find the ideal gift for your loved ones.

A Google Home mini

Google Home mini
© Google

Offer a simplified life with Google’s voice assistant. The Google Home mini accompanies you on a daily basis: questions, management of your alarms and timers, remote control of your devices… Just say the magic formula “Ok Google”. At Back Market, the Google Home Mini “in perfect condition” is 24.90 euros instead of 59 euros, a reduction of 57% compared to the price of new.

Find the Google Home mini on Back Market

An iPhone 12 mini

iPhone 12 mini Apple
© Apple

While not the most recent generation of Apple smartphones, the iPhone 12 mini is nonetheless an excellent phone with impressive value for money. Small size, big power, low price.

Save money on its initial price by buying the iPhone 12 mini in white with a storage capacity of 64 GB “in perfect condition”. This means that it may have barely visible micro-scratches. Almost new and below the 600 euros mark? Something to please!

Find the iPhone 12 mini on Back Market

A PlayStation 4

Playstation 4
© Sony

How about a PlayStation 4? It is a must have game console, and therefore a priceless Christmas present. It is also the best-selling console of its generation. And the best news in all of this is its price. In “perfect condition”, it’s yours for 374 euros at Back Market.

Find the PlayStation 4 on Back Market

A stereo Microsoft Xbox gaming headset

Microsoft Xbox gaming headset
© Microsoft

To chain the victories, nothing like good equipment. Thus, the Xbox stereo gaming headset will be your best ally. Lightweight and flexible, you will be at ease for your long gaming sessions. The headset supports crystal-clear sound and high-fidelity spatial sound for total immersion. This “in perfect condition” gaming headset is only 39 euros.

Find the Xbox gaming headset on Back Market

And this is just a small selection of the discounted products that you can find on Back Market. Enough to give you good ideas for gifts to make, a few weeks before Christmas. Good for the environment, good for your loved ones and good for your wallet: it’s the dream!

Discover all the offers on Back Market

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