On this day Blogger was born, Steve Ballmer announced his retirement, and more

For example, in these same lines we are going to talk about some of these cases that precisely on such a day as today, in a certain way marked the history of current technology. Although it is by way of curiosity, these facts must be remembered so that we get an idea of ​​how this sector has evolved to this day.

Today’s blogging world took a turn on August 23

Internet at the moment is full of all kinds of content, where blogs are a very important part of it all. We find them of a wide variety of themes, if not practically any. Well, one of the turning points to reach the current moment in this sense, precisely there was a August 23rd from last year 1999.

We tell you all this because that same day, even in the last century, the company Pyra Labs threw Blogger. Actually, this was a platform for creating personal blogs. If something characterized this new service, it was that it allowed anyone to have their own blog without having any programming knowledge.

It is more than likely that many of you Blogger or is very familiar, especially if we take into account that in February 2003, the giant Google bought this firm to take over the platform and offer its users.

On this day, Steve Ballmer announced his retirement

In addition to the platforms and services that have appeared over the years in relation to the world of technology, certain characters have also marked a before and after. At this point we could say that one of them is Steve Ballmer, former Executive Director of Microsoft that replaced Bill gates in 2008.

Ballmer gates

We tell you all this because on August 23, 2013, for the first time he announced his retirement from the software giant. This is something he carried out a few months later in 2014 when he came into play. Satya nadella.

Microsoft offers Windows 11 through Azure Virtual Desktop

Finally, we tell you that, starting this week, Microsoft customers can use Azure Virtual Desktop to virtualize a Windows 11 preview version desktop. This can be done in Azure virtual machines.

For the software giant Azure Virtual Desktop has become a perfect cloud VDI platform for running online desktops and applications. So you get a full Windows experience from anywhere. So, after signing up for the Windows Insider program, Enterprise and Education customers can now start testing. Windows 11 in Azure Virtual Desktop.

Windows 11 Start Menu

In fact, they will be able to choose between three images of Windows 11 in its Preview version. They will be available through the Azure Marketplace Windows 11 Enterprise, Windows 11 Enterprise Multisession and Windows 11 Enterprise Multisession + Microsoft 365 Apps.

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