On this day, the first Macs with an M1 processor arrived

Today marks one year of the presentation event of the first Apple computers that assembled Apple Silicon processors. Just a year ago, the Cupertino company introduced the processors that today carry most of the Mac and even the most powerful iPads, the iPad Pro.

These M1 processors were shown by Apple on a MacBook Air, the first to carry these ARM chips. With them the company slammed the definitive door on Intel and more so seeing the power that the current M1 Pro and M1 Max are capable of offering. We are sure that Apple will do without the rest of the processors on the market except for the Mac Pro, these may take a little longer to adapt to these Apple Silicon.

What is clear is that Intel chips are still available in some Apple MacBooks but most users opt for Apple processors, the M1. And is that These efficient and powerful chips are undoubtedly the present and future of Apple Macs.

Apple’s M1 chip redefines our thinnest and lightest laptop. The CPU is up to 3.5 times more powerful. Graphics, up to five times faster. A more advanced Neural Engine can increase the speed of machine learning by nine times. In addition, it is the MacBook Air with the longest autonomy and has a fanless design that makes it ultra-quiet. Discover unprecedented talent ready to follow you anywhere.

In a virtual event like the ones we have today Apple showed the world its processors by the hand of the charismatic Craig Federighi. At present, all these processors continue to improve and they will surely continue to do so as the days go by. At the moment there is no other but to congratulate Apple for the work done with these M1s and their short but meteoric trajectory to what they are today with only one year old …

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