On this website you will find all the Artificial Intelligences that exist

It is worth mentioning that there are several companies that are entering this software sector by creating and making their own AI projects available to all. We can find some services of this type that are responsible for generating texts for us. In addition, we can also use some artificial intelligence that generates spectacular images from certain terms that we tell you. But that is not all, since we can also find Artificial Intelligence platforms to help us in marketing, social networks, in the content searchproductivity and much more.

But of course, as with many other types of online platforms, to move between the different alternatives we have to visit their corresponding websites. All those interested in this type of online services focused on the AI, perhaps on some occasion they have wondered about a website that brings them all together. It would save us from having to move between the official websites looking for the one that interests us the most in each case. Well, those of you who have asked yourself this question on occasion, we are going to give you the solution.

Specifically, we are going to talk about a website that provides us with direct access to more than 650 platforms focused on the use of Artificial Intelligence. In addition, here it is worth highlighting its design and categorization in order to locate the solutions that interest us most in each case, quickly. At the same time, we must bear in mind that the database of proposals presented here is updated every so often.

Find the artificial intelligence that interests you

We refer to the web called AIFindy that already shows us some of the most interesting categories.

aifindy interface

This means that we only have access your website to find these categories that we mentioned and thus locate the AI ​​that interests us faster. These are some of the most relevant is that you will find here:

  • Social networks, marketing and SEO.
  • Seeker.
  • Video.
  • Design, 3D logos.
  • Music, audio, voice.
  • Automation.
  • Gaming.
  • Productivity.
  • Fun.
  • Legal.
  • Fashion and fashion.
  • Excel.

At the same time, it is also interesting to know that the entire interface and different menus that we are going to find here are in perfect Spanish. We will even have the possibility of filtering the search for the artificial intelligence platform that interests us, between free and paid.

Thus, we will only have to click on the corresponding category in which we are interested so that the web exposes us the available platforms. We will see all this in an attractive graphic design and with a small file of each proposal. It will be composed of a screenshot of its main interface, its cost in the event that it is paid, and its main categories.

AI proposals

And that’s not all, since by clicking on each of these tabs, we access a new screen in which we find a brief description of the Artificial Intelligence platform. As it could not be otherwise, we will also have at our disposal a direct access link to the official Web Of the same.

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