on what exact date will you receive your confirmation email?

Valve is sharing the order wave schedule. Find out here when exactly you should receive your confirmation email.

Today, Monday, February 28, many gamers should be able to get their hands on the first copies of the Steam Deck, Valve’s hybrid PC that takes your Steam library anywhere you want it. But, while pre-orders had heated up, a large majority of players were relegated to other release waves, the machines of which will ship a little later.

If this is your case, stay with us, we’ll let you know when you should receive your confirmation email from Valve, depending on the wave you’re in. As a reminder, those in the very first wave should have received this email as early as February 25, for delivery three days later. For the others, the operation will be exactly the same.

Emails every week

In a blog post, Valve tells us that ” everyone in the Q1 group (visible on the Steam Deck reservation page) will receive an order email before the end of Q1, or March », and this at the rate of one email wave per week. Those who are therefore part of this category should check their mailbox Mondays March 7, 14, 21 and 28. Don’t forget to check spam, just in case.

At the end of March, Valve will move into the pre-order category for Q2, which runs from April through the end of June. Similarly, delivery confirmation emails will be sent every Monday, starting Monday April 4th. However, by then, the internal logistics could change, given the fact of the shortage of components which could further affect Valve and its Steam Deck.

You also reserve your Steam Deck

This had already impacted the release date of the device, when it was to see the light of day at the end of last year. Finally, it was postponed to February, two months later than originally planned. While waiting for your delivery, which should therefore be soon, you can always check yourself whether or not your Steam games are compatible with the Steam Deck.

To do this, Valve has unveiled the official procedure, which is added to other very practical tools, such as that of Steam DB which allows you to sort the games according to their compatibility with the hybrid machine. Obviously, those who have not yet made a pre-order still have the possibility of remedying the situation. On the Valve site, it is stated that reservations made from now on will be taken into account after the 2nd quarter of 2022.

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