Onalabs raises 1.2 million euros and begins a pilot of its medical devices

The biotech startup has closed your first investment round through the platform equity crowdfunding Capital Cell, managing to capture 1.2 million euros, the goal that had been set at the beginning.

The company, co-founded by Elizabeth of the ValleyCEO of the firm, and Xavi Munozscientific adviser, will allocate the funding obtained mainly to continue the technological development and certification of non-invasive, remote and intelligent medical devices, focused on monitoring chronic patients, athletes and people with type I and II diabetes, and start its industrial manufacturing and marketing.

Parallel to the closing of the investment round, Onalabs has agreed a collaboration with Andorra Recerca + Innovació to start a pilot program for the remote surveillance of physical and biochemical parameters elderly and chronically ill people who require follow-up by health professionals.

The monitoring of athletes through sweat is also being projected. “The fact of being the company chosen last November by Andorra Recerca + Innovació and Richi Entrepreneurs as the best project in the 2021 edition, has opened the doors of the Pyrenean country for us”, Del Valle says.

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The startup has developed a technology based on microfluidics, biosensing and physical sensing that allows its medical devices to measure traditional clinical parameters through the skin and sweat that until now were obtained through a blood test, thus turning sweat into an intelligent biofluid and the skin into a data platform. “Our wearables work like a portable micro-laboratory that reads the data offered by the skin and sweat, and also sends them in real time to health professionals through the mobile application”, explains the CEO of Onalabs.

The simultaneous combination of the sensors of these devices allow intelligent and personalized monitoring, of great value for the patient’s medical needs, such as respiratory and heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, oxygen saturation, glucose, lactate, pH, sodium , chloride, alcohol, cortisol, also indicating sudden movements and falls.

Currently Onalabs has developed the devices:

  • ONA S10a chest strap that measures lactate, sodium, sweating, conductivity and heart rate of an athlete, validated at the Sant Cugat del Vallès High Performance Center (CAR) and the INEFC (National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia).
  • ONA M00, ONA M10 and ONA M20a bracelet that measures, depending on the model, heart rate, oxygen saturation, skin temperature and the person’s activity (sudden movements and falls), the first of which is intended for remote monitoring of large people, while that the other two are focused on patients hospitalized at home, the validation of which has been done at the Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital.
  • ONA DM10 or DM20a patch that monitors through sweat parameters such as glucose, sweating, conductivity, heart rate and skin temperature, aimed at people suffering from type Y and II diabetes, a device that is still in the pot in the laboratory.

seal of excellence

Onalabs has been recognized with the seal of excellence granted by the European Commission, it was also selected in the acceleration programs Ship2B, CIMTI and Oryon, and it is the only Spanish company chosen at the Roche Start-up Day among 150 international projects. The company has strategic alliances with leading institutions and associations in the health ecosystem and the Catalan academic and business world.

The physical and biochemical parameters obtained by Onalabs medical devices are essential for careful remote monitoring of patients, for monitoring the performance of athletes, but also for the prevention and prediction of certain diseases”, Del Valle stands out.

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