ONDA H610M+: a motherboard with support for DDR4 and DDR5

Transition periods require transition elements, and that seems to be the philosophy underlying the ONDA H610M+, a peculiar motherboard that, in times when users who are going to build a new PC and are debating between DDR4 or DDR5, offers an interesting possibility for the future, which will allow more and better profitability of the investment made in the present . And just starting from that premise, it already seems like a good idea that is worth spending a few minutes on.

As you can deduce from its name, we are talking about a board with chipset H610 and socket LGA1700, that is, intended exclusively for the twelfth generation of Intel Core, the twelfth. A generation in which, as you already know, users can choose to mount DDR4 memory, more common and cheaper, or make a higher investment and, in exchange, be able to enjoy the higher speed offered by DDR5 memory.

But, of course, when making this decision we should not only think about the memory itself, but also about the motherboard, since as you already know, both types of memory have exclusive slots. That is nor can you mount DDR4 on a board designed for DDR5 and therefore DDR5 memory on a board for DDR4. Thus, if now, to save money, you opt for DDR4, when in the future you want to update your PC you will also have to change the motherboard. Unless it is this ONDA H610M+.

ONDA H610M+: a motherboard with support for DDR4 and DDR5

And it is that, as you can see in the image, this board has two memory slots, but what is not so evident when observing it is that one is for DDR4 memory and the other is for DDR5. Keep in mind that yes, and this is important, that both cannot be used simultaneously, so the maximum amount of memory in the system that you assemble around this ONDA H610M+ will be 32 gigabytes,

Now, for users whose need for RAM does not exceed 32 gigabytes, this ONDA H610M+ is a very interesting option, since it allows the assembly of a PC with Alder Lake and DDR4, and since Raptor Lake will repeat with the LGA1700 socket, in In the future, it will be possible to update it to the thirteenth generation and, in addition, make the leap to DDR5 when this type of memory has fallen in price.

In a quick review of its specifications, we see that the ONDA H610M+ has a slot PCIe 5.0 x16 and PCIe x1 interfaces. In addition, it offers two M.2 slots, ethernet and WiFi and an HDMI port. We speak, therefore, of a motherboard for entry and mid-range computers that, thanks to its ability to mount both types of memory, can be a great success for users who do not want to make a very high investment and that, however, can last a long time.

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