one good and one (very) bad thing you should know

As we told you some time ago, it was evident that Ubisoft was going to take its subscription service to all possible territories once its main bet, Stadia, closed its doors forever last January. Now, it seems that the French have not wanted to adapt their strategy to the place they were going to visit. In this case Xbox.

Lots of games, but not that many

Ubisoft+ is the subscription service through which the French company makes available to all gamers its great catalog of games and that it has some really spectacular names, with sagas that are best sellers year after year and that have served to earn him a place among the greats (although now walk with turbulence and serious problems).

Now, after the closure of Stadia, Ubisoft used PlayStation as a refuge, offering users the possibility of joining their subscription and it was not until a few hours ago that the French announced their arrival on Xbox consoles. However,What are the advantages and disadvantages of the new offer? What do they put on the table to add more games to our private collection?

To begin with, we are going to point out some good news for those who like to play on more than one system because -although many of the most recent titles already were-, from Ubisoft they warn that they allow you to do cross savethat is we will have the chance to play Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on PC and continue on an Xbox Series X without problems, in the same way that it happens with Game Pass and its ecosystem on both consoles and computers.

A very complete advantage

But apart from that cross save which is very good, or the releases available from day one, Ubisoft+ decided at the time that the versions of the games present in your subscription would not be limited to standard editions, as happens with Xbox Game Pass in many of its developments, but it is about the top of content, with all the season passes, DLC, expansions and others extras that are released for each of them.

That means that in cases like Assassin’s Creed ValhallaFor example, we will have access to all the extra missions that came out after November 2020 as well as the season pass and the last great package of expansion that meant The Dawn of Ragnarok. The same happens with farcry 6 and all other members of this new subscription.

A (very) obvious problem

Now, all of the above, which looks extraordinarily good, has a drawback for many players and that is the price: Ubisoft+ has a cost of almost 18 euros which is a peak compared, for example, with Xbox Game Passes, which are approximately 13. Do you think it is worth paying approximately five euros more for 60 games than doing it for almost 500?

Ubisoft+ set that same price already on Stadia, but if it made sense it was because it offered the option of playing in the cloud and nothing similar existed on the Google platform. But within Xbox, with Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming, who is going to want to add that amount to the monthly expense that we already make on video games? It seems complicated for it to work but, surely, time will take away our reason. Don’t you think?

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