One in four companies that work in flexible spaces or coworking spaces is a startup

In recent years, Spain has become the cradle of entrepreneurship. According to data provided by the INE, in the first half of 2021 the creation of companies grew 57.6% more than in 2020 and 8.6% more than in 2019. This suggests the upward trend that the entrepreneurial ecosystem is following.

The Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem is directly altering the profile of coworking users, one of the ideal spaces to interact with similar startups and exchange ideas. In this sense, 42% of the participants in the survey published in the latest study by “Flexible spaces in Spain 2021”prepared by the consulting firm Cushman & Wakefield together with ProWorkSpaces, reveal that in the last year a quarter of the companies that requested their flexible spaces were startups and entrepreneurs.

According to Paula Ferrer, Head of People at Cobee, a company installed in one of the coworking spaces of Penthousethe reasons why more and more startups are developing their projects in flexible workspaces lie in the fact that “you feel that you are in a space of creation and innovation”.

The benefits of coworking spaces for the startups of the future

There are numerous advantages that these coworking spaces offer to new companies, those startups that are beginning to take their steps and are in full growth. Thus, from Attico they present the main benefits of coworking from the hand of different entrepreneurs who have decided to establish their businesses in these spaces.

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  1. Save costs and increase productivity: Coworking has been presented for years as an innovative way to have a work space without the high cost of owning an office.
  2. Flexibility: Compared to conventional offices, coworking spaces usually offer flexible plans that adapt to the growth of the teams.
  3. Being part of a community: Creating community is something that coworkings are very aware of. For this reason, breakfasts, sports or creative activities are usually organized, which create a feeling of belonging among users.
  4. Network effectively: Coworking spaces facilitate the creation of synergies between companies and it is easier to find potential partners or clients.
  5. Expand your training: Training is another key aspect that characterizes the flexible spaces, where a multitude of training or inspirational events are held, offering support to projects and professionals.

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