One more low in the Apple Car project

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I don’t know if Apple’s electric and automated car project will really see the light of day after so many inconveniences that are happening. Especially what is referred to at the level of workers. Many casualties are being disclosed in the car project. On this occasion one of those who have abandoned the project he does it to leave with Meta and his future project in which virtual and augmented reality glasses will have a lot to say.

The Apple Car project is experiencing a constant turnover of employees joining and leaving the same of what will be the new flagship of the American company. Although each year that passes and we continue to hear new rumors, it seems that they never really come and sometimes one wonders if it is just that, rumors. According to new reports, Apple Car software engineering chief Joe Bass has reportedly left Apple in favor of Meta. Bass was Senior Program Manager for Autonomous Systems Engineering at Apple since January 2015. As Mark Gurman noted in Bloomberg’s “Power On” newsletter, he changed his LinkedIn profile this January, showing he left Apple to take a new position elsewhere.

The new position of the engineer is that of Director of Management of Technical Programs for Mixed Reality Technologies in Meta. It is the new company that will be in charge of putting Zuckerberg’s new idea, the Metaverse, into operation. Although Apple is also developing according to the rumors of augmented reality glasses.

Bass’s low joins those of other engineers who did the same in December. Initially, one senior director of engineering from the Special Projects Group left for electric aircraft startup Archer Aviation, soon to be followed by two more at the same company, while another left for Joby Aviation.

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