One of the best games of recent years finally arrives on Steam

The companies are not aware of the damage that they usually cause to users when they experiment with their distribution policies, which, in the case of PC, necessarily go through digital stores such as Steam, Epic Games Store, GoG, etc. And in the case of the French, His last years have been to forget, with more than significant (and incomprehensible) absences within the platform owned by Valve.

an incomprehensible absence

Although Ubisoft games have been available to purchase within Steam since time immemorial, there was a moment when they decided to cut off the tap in favor of his own launcher where they would have their entire catalog within the reach of users. That caused titles as incredible as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla They could not be purchased through Steam, like the case of the game that concerns us today: Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Arrived in stores at the beginning of December 2020, this marvel created by the same studio behind Assassin’ Creed Origins It is already available in the Valve store, since last the 15th, so those who were left with a crazy desire to try it will no longer have an excuse to do so and experiment with a sandbox as absorbing and fun as it is original and immense.

Plus, Immortals Fenyx Rising comes to Steam with an introductory offer for its two main editions. On the one hand the standard, which will only cost us 15 euros, and on the other the Gold Edition which for just 25 euros already includes the complete season pass that was made up of three small stories that lengthened the campaign, in addition to a quest exclusive that only the most die-hard fans could complete.

Immortals Fenyx Rising.

an extraordinary epic

If in the year 2020 this game escaped you or its somewhat more casual and childish appearance scared you, we must tell you that that appearance does not do justice to the extraordinary work done by Ubisoft. We are, without a doubt, facing one of the best releases of the new generation so far (you also have it on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch), a sandbox with an extraordinary open world full of missions and tasks to complete, not only those related to the quest main, but a whole rosary of secondary and treasure and secret searches that can take you dozens of hours to finish.

The game cannot hide the enormous influence of Assassin’s Creedfrom which he takes many elements although innovates in one that makes it even more interesting: the combatsand the combo systems that give more depth to the gameplay, without forgetting the skill tree that we can develop throughout the game. In addition, the story of the salvation of the gods of Olympus is very well carried out, narrated with a lot of humor and our heroine, Fenyx, will not stop traveling through mythological worlds that are a true delight.

The launch offer on Steam for this Immortals Fenyx Rising It will end on January 5, 2023, so until that day, getting hold of it with a discount of practically 75% will be a temptation from which you may not be able to escape.

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