One of the best Roomba vacuums is at an all-time low

The world of smart vacuum cleaners is huge, but one of the great protagonists is without a doubt iRobot. The one that was the greatest exponent of cleaning robots has a very extensive catalog, and among all the models we can find an old high-end acquaintance: the Roomba 981.

A very powerful vacuum cleaner

Roomba Offer

Although today we do not find it in the official iRobot catalog, the Roomba 981 was one of the great protagonists of recent years. We are talking about the highest range of the manufacturer, a model with WiFi connection and vSlam technology with which to be able to map the house and clean in an orderly and efficient manner without wasting time going around unnecessarily under the table.

In case of running out of battery, this model of the 900 series is able to return to the charging station, fill its battery completely and finish the work that was left pending.

Smart and highly compatible

Among its many functions, we will find compatibility with voice assistants Google Assistant Y Alexa, so we will only have to recite a voice command to order the cleaning of the house immediately. Its system of wheels and intelligent movement is capable of overcoming carpets, so it will also help you to vacuum these decorative elements that accumulate so much dust over time.

Is this model worth it?


Taking into account that it is an almost discontinued model, you may not feel very confident about buying this model, but the truth is that we are dealing with a device of very high quality that promises exceptional performance. Bearing in mind that its original price was 999 euros, its sale price of €379 (the lowest it has ever been on Amazon), it is possibly a great opportunity to get the services of a quality robot vacuum cleaner.

The main difference with today’s most advanced model is that does not have the Clean by Object function, and it’s also not compatible with the manufacturer’s Braava models (the ones that scrub), so you’re not missing out on something especially important either.

The offer of €379 We think it is simply perfect for all those users who want to get a quality robot vacuum cleaner, so if you were looking for one, don’t miss out on this offer that will end in 11 days. Plus, if you buy it now, you’ll get 90 days of Amazon Music Unlimited completely free.

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