One of the best Samsung Smart TV has 400 + 200 euros discount

Samsung Neo QLED 4K 2021 65QN90A

We are facing one of the Smart TV models that make up the high-end of Samsung. It is in the middle of this range, and has all kinds of technologies that improve both image and sound. The first thing that stands out is its design Solid Design, which has a maximum thickness of 2.6 centimeters, and although it is not the most spectacular that Samsung offers, it does take great care of the bezels and the aesthetic appearance of the television.

Among the many technical features it offers, we can find the technology Quantum HDR 2000, which with the help of the quantum dot panel allows to offer incredible contrast and brightness, reproducing dark and other very bright areas at the same time with spectacular effectiveness.

At the sound level, the 65QN90A includes the technology OTS + (Object Tracking Sound +), which has four internal speakers that are responsible for virtually positioning the sound so that the reproduction matches the image, so that we can interpret the sounds as if they were coming out of exactly one portion of the screen.

Perfect for playing

This model has HDMI 2.1 to enjoy 120 Hz image quality, ideal for the new PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles. But also, if you have a gaming computer or laptop, you can play games with ultrawide resolution, so that the screen will adjust the bands black so you can enjoy a picture with a wider perspective. In addition to this configuration, the operating system includes a game mode that allows you to adjust a large number of parameters that will be great for all those demanding players who want to enjoy the best image and the shortest response time.

Taking Advantage of Samsung’s Cashback

Samsung 65QN90A

The interesting thing about the offer offered by Samsung is that in addition to the 400 euros discount that you will enjoy with the 16% discount they offer, you can take advantage of the Samsung Cashback promotion with which to receive 200 euros of return when presenting the purchase invoice and the serial number of the Smart TV.

What’s more, promotion is available until July 22, so you would be at the limit of being able to qualify for the promotion, being able to then register the Smart TV until August 22. Once the registration is completed and sending the necessary documentation, you will receive an income of 200 euros, thus obtaining a total of 600 euros discount when you buy this brand new 65QN90A.

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