one of the fan favorite vehicles goes from fiction to reality

Did you love piloting the Halo Ghosts? You’re not the only one, and some have gone out of their way to make it happen in the flesh.

In addition to its dense universe, its epic soundtrack and its explosive arsenal, the Halo franchise also stands out with another key component: vehicles. Since the very first game, players have been able to crush Covenant aboard the famous Warthog, liquefy them using the Banshee cannons, and so on. And if you too are one of those who dreamed of riding them in person, JT is the man for you.

This videographer better known by the nickname Built IRL had already illustrated himself with some engineering experiments which aim to reproduce elements from pop-culture. After the Battlefield 2042 grapple launcher and Spider-Man-like web travel, this sorcerer’s apprentice tackled another even more ambitious project, spotted by Interesting Engineering; he managed to reproduce the famous Ghost, the iconic hovercraft from the Halo series.

With its purple adornment mounted on an aluminum frame, it must be recognized that the recreation is rather faithful to the original for someone who does not have the secrets of Covenant engineering. At a good distance, only the translucent cushion and the (temporary) absence of the cannons are immediately obvious. But the whole thing wouldn’t be as impressive if the craft wasn’t able to take off and move like the original. Well almost.

A good old lawn mower and two jet engines

Because until proven guilty, the antigravity technology that powers the Halo Ghosts does not yet exist on Earth. Its designer therefore had to be cunning. To lift his hovercraft, he had to fall back on a lawn mower engine. Suffice to say that the sound of the device is much less discreet and elegant than that of the original. The propulsion, on the other hand, is more like it since it is provided by two jet engines. A machine not to be put in all hands!

For now, this is still only a draft; it looks like there is still a lot of work to do, especially on propulsion and steering. It will be interesting to follow his project to see how close he manages to approach the real Ghost. However, the story doesn’t say if he plans to take on the Banshee, the Ghost’s heavily armed, flying big sister. Case to be continued!

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