One of the most famous mobile games will have a second part

We all have in our memory those names of video games that became real hits in the first years of existence of smartphones and tablets: angry Birds, cut the rope, Fruit Ninja, Where is my water?, Flight Control and of course, Jetpack Joyridewho taught us to drive a rocket strapped to the back while we eliminated enemies and moved through corridors with a dizzying scroll horizontal.

Our friend Barry is back

The point is that It’s been 11 years since he first came to all imaginable devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry, PSP, PS3 and PS Vita) and Halfbrick Studios have finally announced the release date for its second installment, which we can enjoy this summer. And it is that it will be on August 19 when it will be possible to download it to the Cupertino app store, as one more member of that infinite catalog of titles available within Apple Arcade.

Indeed, it will be there and only there where we can find this Jet Pack Joyride 2 that it will ignore the Android version again, leaving all its eggs in the basket of iOS and iPadOS. No version for Google’s operating system, which continues to resist the adventures of this Barry Steakfries, who for his sequel is going to diversify his entire arsenal of vehicles and weapons a little more.

And it is that remember that in the first game simply we had to avoid crashing into the ground, or dodge obstacles, while shooting the many enemies that appeared on the side of the screen. Now things go a little further.

Much more killer

This new Jet Pack Joyride 2 has taken the step of being much more Matamarcianos, not so much because of its development (where it almost already was), but because of the structure that it is going to adopt, where the protagonist is not only going to have his famous rocket (and which gives his name to the franchise) but we can get into more vehicles like flying saucers or robots of those great ones in style aliens return piloted by Lieutenant Ripley.

Jetpack Joyride 2.

Also, finally we will have final boss in some phases that will make things a little more complicated for us to continue advancing in the game. These types of enemies are, at least in many franchises of this type, the best we can find and those that mark the quality of video game development. Do you not remember some other classic that has marked you only by its final enemies?

This version will arrive with graphics designed for the high definition screens of Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV Smart TVs) so we will notice a major change from the appearance of the original title which, as we mentioned before, has just turned in this 2022 neither more nor less than 11 years.

as we say, Jet Pack Joyride 2 you will have it available to download and play the same Friday, August 19in the App Store and as part of that Apple Arcade that you can only access with a subscription of 4.99 euros per month or as part of the two modalities of Apple One, where it is already included as standard.

Jet Pack Joyride 2
Jet Pack Joyride 2

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