One of the most special and rare LEGOs is on sale on Amazon

Very recently we showed you a list of some of the most special and rare LEGOs that exist, sets that you probably didn’t even know existed. Among them was the Flower bouquet, a bouquet of flowers belonging to the Botanical Collection range that surprises even those who are not lovers of blocks and that today, look where, is on sale (at minimum) on Amazon. You have to get hold of him.

LEGO Botanical Collection, a range full of color

Among the many proposals that LEGO has, there is a very attractive and striking range baptized as the Botanical Collection. In it, several sets are brought together whose construction results in different bouquets or plants with a level of detail that will conquer even non-botanical lovers and who also have something in common: the use of elements manufactured from plant-based plastic produced with sugar cane from sustainable sources.

Lego bouquet

Do you like the proposal? Well, one of them is now on sale at Amazon at the minimum price. Its about Flower bouquet (Bouquet of Flowers), a truly spectacular set, full of colors and details. Composed of roses, snapdragons, poppies, asters, daisies and different types of foliage, it is an entertaining and very colorful set to assemble, which you can also customize by placing petals and leaves or modifying the length of the stems.

Lego bouquet

Designed for people over 18 years old given its complexity, the set is made up of 756 pieces that will result in 15 stems to decorate any corner of your house in a very original way. Even more so now that you can buy them much cheaper.

Flower Bouquet now cheaper on Amazon

Can’t wait to put this bouquet in your living room? Then you have to get hold of it taking advantage of the good discount it has. And it is that the LEGO Flower Bouquet is right now in 37.99 euros, instead of the 49.99 euros that it costs officially.

Its about lowest price who has never reached the bouquet on the platform and therefore a fantastic opportunity to get him with a good discount. Shipped and sold by Amazon, it can even be a smart buy for Christmas gifts. There we leave the idea. All yours.

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