One of Windows 11’s best features won’t arrive until 2022

Windows 11 will be released at the end of 2021, but not all features will be there. The availability of Android apps on the platform will have to wait for a future update, which should arrive in early 2022, at best.

Announced in early summer 2021, Windows 11 is slated to arrive on October 5 with a whole new look and plethora of new features. Unfortunately, one of the most anticipated will not be available at launch. In a post dated August 31, 2021, the firm explains that the possibility of running Android apps on Windows will be reserved for beta versions of the system ” during the next months “.

Announced with great fanfare during the officialization of Windows 11, the presence of Android applications on the PC should make the Microsoft application store more attractive. If you can’t find the app you want in native Windows format, there’s a good chance it’s available as a mobile app. An app like TikTok could run easily on a PC thanks to an invisible emulation layer managed by Windows.

For Windows Insider members only at the start

Unfortunately, setting up this new feature is proving to be more complicated than expected. Microsoft’s marketing manager announced that the company would continue to work with Amazon and Intel to refine the operation of the tool. The first deals with hosting applications on its Store while the second works to make them compatible with the architecture of PC processors.

TikTok on Windows 11
TikTok on Windows 11 // Source: Microsoft

Users registered with the Windows Insider program will have access to this feature first, but for the general public it will probably be until early 2022 at best (if your PC is eligible for the update for Windows 11). The other changes such as the evolution of the design or the improvements in the management of the windows will be present as of the release of the OS.

A technical challenge

Emulating a mobile system on a PC environment is a real technical challenge, even Apple on its M1 Macs limits the experience. The arrival of Android apps on Windows 11 was, however, one of the major new features of the system, we can regret that it does not happen upon the release of the OS. Especially when Microsoft precisely positions this Windows as the nerve center of your digital life, able to offer you all the possible experiences thanks to a very great technological versatility.

Successfully marrying the PC world and the mobile world on a single machine is interesting, as some mobile applications offer more powerful and better thought-out tools than their computer counterparts (Instagram is, for example, more limited on PC than on mobile). By delaying the arrival of Android apps on its platform, Windows 11 is losing one of its best weapons for making a good first impression.

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