OneDrive makes it easy to publish images and documents on the internet

We say in principle because, as is usual, companies that offer us their own remote storage service offer a free mode. It is limited to a certain space that we can use to save our files. However, in the event that we need a larger amount, we will have to go to the payment mode. This was not going to be an exception in OneDrive, although it is still worth noting that the free mode will be sufficient for most individual users.

Another thing is when these cloud storage services They are used at the business level, where space requirements are much higher. However, whatever the mode of use, the truth is that these platforms are increasingly useful and widespread globally. They allow us to save space on our local hard drive, or have a backup of all our data. How could it be otherwise here we find additional functions for manage all those files and folders that over time we are storing.

If we focus on the aforementioned proposal that Microsoft offers us, we will say that it even presents us with a utility to facilitate the publication of the content stored here.

Publish files saved to OneDrive to your website

In the first place, all this that we are commenting on will allow you to share with the rest of the world what you have stored in your OneDrive account. This is something that we can carry out through any web page or personal blog that we have. But do not worry, since to carry out this it will not be necessary that we have previous knowledge about web programming. That is precisely one of the advantages offered by this function that we are going to show you below.

And it is that Microsoft tries to facilitate this type of movements related to the Internet to a great extent, as we will see. Therefore, to achieve this that we tell you, the first thing we do is open the Storage service Windows UWP app. Here we are going to find all the folders and their corresponding files that we have been saving over time. At this point, all we have to do is locate that specific file that we want to insert in our personal blog, for example.

insert oneedrive

Once the file as such is located, we only have to click with the right button of the mouse on it. Among the options that OneDrive shows us in this case, we would have to opt for that call Insert. This will allow us to have the corresponding HTML code that is automatically created after clicking on the Generate button.

In this way we will only have to copy that programming code and paste it into the HTML of the web where we want to insert this content.

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