OnePlus launches its first mechanical keyboard, the Keyboard 81 Pro

OnePlus has just launched something a little different with its mechanical keyboard developed in partnership with Keychron, a specialist who makes some of the best keyboards on the market.

OnePlus Featuring Keyboard 81 Pro - hero

In addition to the OnePlus 11, the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 and the OnePlus Pad, the Chinese manufacturer unveiled a rather surprising fourth product last night, since it is a mechanical keyboard. Called Keyboard 81 Pro, the latter is designed in partnership with the specialist Keychron. This is the first product in a long series to be released as part of the new ” co-creation platform OnePlus Featuring.

The Keyboard 81 Pro is the first keyboard with “keys” Marble-mallow », which use a patented thermoplastic elastomer to produce an elastic rebound with each press and provide users with maximum comfort and functionality. The keyboard also comes with another type of switch: the ” winter bonfire », made of PBT plastic. However, this is not the only peculiarity of the keyboard.

The Keyboard 81 Pro is a high-end mechanical keyboard

OnePlus has designed its mechanical keyboard in aluminum. The keyboard gasket design ensures precise, yet smoother actuation and satisfying sound. For those who prefer Bluetooth keyboards, good news, the Keyboard 81 Pro can work wirelessly. It also has a keyboard support that allows it to stand on its own.

OnePlus Featuring Keyboard 81 Pro - comfy typing

The OnePlus Keyboard 81 Pro is finally very similar to the Keychron Q1 Pro mechanical keyboard. It comes with, you guessed it, 81 keys with RGB technology. In addition to mac OS, the keyboard is supposed to work with Windows, Linux and Android, according to the OnePlus press release. The keyboard product page also claims support with iOS.

OnePlus doesn’t mention battery life, but Keychron reports that the Q1 Pro offers up to 300 hours of use with the backlight off and up to 100 hours with backlight on. Since the Keyboard 81 Pro has the same 4,000mAh battery, battery life should be similar.

As with the OnePlus Pad, the manufacturer has yet to release details regarding its availability and pricing. The mechanical keyboard should be available in the next few weeks, without further details.

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