OnePlus Nord 2: balance made phone

OnePlus Nord 2, video analysis

Technical characteristics

  • Mediatek Dimensity 1200-AI processor
  • 8/12 GB of RAM
  • 128/256 GB internal storage expandable via microSD
  • 6.43-inch AMOLED screen with 90Hz refresh
  • Resolution FHD +
  • 4,500 mAh battery with 65W fast charge (without wireless charging)
  • 4G / LTE, 5G, BT 5.2, WiFi ac and NFC connectivity
  • USB C data transfer and charging connector
  • Biometric security: fingerprint reader under the screen and unlocking by facial recognition
  • Front camera: 32MP f2.45
  • Rear camera: main 50MP f1.88 OIS, Ultra wide angle 8MP f2.25 and Sensor B&W 2MP f2.5
  • Dimensions: 158.9 x 73 2 x 8.25
  • Weight 189gr
  • Price, from 399 euros

Design is not a problem

Sometimes generation leaps also involve design changes that are not always equally well received. This time the OnePlus Nord 2 does not suffer from this as it inherits that appeal seen in the OnePlus 9.

Unless you know both devices very well, one could easily impersonate the other and no one would notice a difference unless they were told. That means that this Nord 2 is at a very good level and I personally found it a really nice terminal in every way.

In addition, here I understand that the chosen light blue tone will be liked more or less according to the preferences of each one, but to me it has seemed very successful for the type of phone that it is and the public that you really want to convince to bet on it. Although there will always be some additional option for those looking for something more sober.

From the physical details to highlight it is clear that the Alert Slider button it is the most important of all. This button, seal of OnePlus in its best terminals, is like the one included in the iPhone and allows with three positions to establish three different states that affect sounds: vibration and all sounds activated, only active vibration and absolute silence without vibration.

Honestly, if you have used other OnePlus terminals with this button, recovering it again if you had been using other models is great news. Because just by feeling the button you can change from one state to another quickly, much faster than entering the Android settings to activate or deactivate.

Otherwise, the build quality of the phone is great in every way. It is true that the frame is made of plastic, but having glass in front and behind the feeling is that of a very well finished phone.

Fluency and user experience as the first keys

Leaving aside the physical, the fluidity and the user experience are the two aspects that OnePlus focuses on with this Nord 2 when it comes to convincing the user to bet on it. And he succeeds, despite the reluctance that the Dimensity 1200 AI processor from Mediatek.

The chip used by OnePlus is true that it has its weak points, I am not going to deceive you, but in general it does not generate major problems in daily use. Everything runs normally, from games to other types of applications and the operating system itself.

The only downside that can be put this first is that it heats up a bit when it is required for long periods of use. This usually happens using the camera intensively or playing games, but really and even more so considering that we are in summer, it is something that happens to a multitude of terminals.

For the rest, there is no task that you have not executed well in these days of testing. In addition, next to a display with AMOLED technology and 90 Hz refresh rate the experience is as I say very fluid. Something in which Oxygen OS also has a lot to do, an Android layer that is a hallmark of the brand and great attraction for many OnePlus fans.

Images that stand out with good sound

The use of a custom processor with different improvements via AI makes the screen of this Nord 2 look a little better thanks to features such as HDR10 + support. Both with native content and other enhanced via software, the colors that are displayed on the screen of this Nord 2 look very good.

In addition, this AI not only improves color, in some common applications such as Instagram or YouTube it applies a series of changes that seek to increase the resolution and therefore the quality of the user experience.

So all this plus good sound make enjoying videos, music and any other audiovisual content a very pleasant and satisfying experience no matter what type of user you are, whether normal or very demanding.

Photographic section, at the height of the original Nord?

There is no doubt that the main challenge of Nord 2 was going to be in the photographic section. The original Nord left a great taste in the mouth, so the first thing any user would ask is to what extent does it improve or not? Well, without going into a direct comparison: the Nord 2 is a phone that, photographically speaking, is very capable. It is not perfect, but it does allow for very interesting photographs.

The main chamber, composed of a 50MP sensor plus another 8MP ultra-wide angle and a monochrome one result in a quite versatile combination, although in my case a real zoom is always needed and not by cutting out the main sensor.

Still, the experience with the main camera and the front one designed for selfies have convinced me. There are moments where the processing and the HDR mode can play tricks, but it must also be said in favor of OnePlus that the camera software is the one that changes the most over the months of the phone’s life. So today’s results can vary greatly in a matter of a couple of months.

As is the camera software, the Nord 2 seems to me like a phone that photographically speaking you can enjoy a lot. This collaboration with Hasselblad that they leave exclusively for the OnePlus 9 and future reference phones is not present here, but in general what you get is very good.

And if all this were not enough, for me that video is something important, having a movie mode where you can fine-tune each of the camera’s parameters I find it super interesting compared to the classic automatic mode that allows you little room for maneuver depending on the circumstances. In addition, the power of the processor also allows you to record with the rear and front cameras at the same time.

A mid-range very to consider

The OnePlus Nord 2 is a phone that targets the mid-range, which in its version of 8/128 GB costs only 399 euros and in the 12/256 GB it rises to 499 euros. Both prices are not the cheapest, worse considering what it offers at the level of user experience, cameras, performance, design, etc., they make it seem like a proposal to take into account.

It is true that there are details that can be improved, such as having included wireless charging. Although the 65W that it accepts with the brand’s charger makes having it full of battery is only a matter of minutes and that is great.

For the rest, the balance is what would best define this OnePlus Nord 2. So knowing where it is located, we can say that it is a worthy successor to that Nord that surprised us last year and that is not weighed down by the long shadow of its previous version.

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