OnePlus: OxygenOS 12 restricts the refresh rate on some very popular applications

According to the developer of the Sync for Reddit application, the latest version of OxygenOS based on Android 12 has the unfortunate tendency of blocking the framerate at 60 Hz on certain applications, while most of the brand’s smartphones offer up to at a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

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If you follow OnePlus news, you may know that the migration to Android 12 was a pain. Shortly after the rollout of OxygenOS 12, the latest version of the manufacturer’s in-house overlay, many OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro owners complained of a host of issues.

Faced with the situation, OnePlus has also decided to suspend the deployment of the update, the time to resolve the various problems reported. In March 2022, the manufacturer erased the last existing bugs with a new patch for the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro. However, we have just learned that the latest version of OxygenOS is still causing issues.

As revealed by the developer of Sync for Reddit, a modified social network application that offers better performance, it turns out thatOxygenOS locks the refresh rate at 60Hz on some apps. This is good for video apps, as content rarely plays at framerates above 60 FPS, but it can be problematic on apps that can accommodate video in addition to other content, like Reddit, YouTube or TikTok for example.

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OxygenOS 12 blocks refresh rate on some apps

By locking applications at 60 Hz on a screen at 90 or 120 Hz, scrolling may seem slow or jerky. The problem obviously lies in the fact that apps can use an Android API to tell the smartphone whether or not they should use the maximum refresh rate offered by the panel.

Only on OnePlus devices under OxygenOS 12, the manufacturer had the good idea to condition access to this API to certain applications only. The developer of Sync for Reddit found that by changing the name of the Sync package to that of the Firefox browser, everything worked fine. Another black spot, OnePlus has made existing workarounds no longer work.

This is the case, for example, of the AutoHz app, which made it possible to override this restriction. The developers of the application have also confirmed to our colleagues on the site Android Police thatOxygenOS 12 broke existing commands used to force refresh rate changes. As of now, OnePlus has not made an official statement on this issue.

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