ONEXPLAYER Mini: the portable console with i7 5 GHz, FHD and Windows 11

The manufacturer already surprised the market by offering an alternative to the Steam Deck last November with the ONEPLAYER, with very similar characteristics, but with an 8.4-inch screen.

ONEXPLAYER Mini: a small portable PC to play

It is inevitable today when seeing a product like ONEXPLAYER Mini to think of the Nintendo Switch and even the long-awaited Valve PC portable console, Steam Deck. But this new, smaller model – launched today – can give a lot to talk about.

The 7-inch model will offer a Intel Core i7-1195G, with 16GB DDR4-4266 and at least we will have it available in a capacity of 512 GB of storage PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe.

Your screen 7 inch IPS LCD It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with 10 pressure points. On the sides of the screen, with a very familiar design we will have the controls and joystick to be able to play with this portable PC console of only 587 g.

With respect to connectivity the ONEXPLAYER Mini has two USB type C, for power, data and video, in addition to another USB 3.0 Type A and a 3.5 mm TRS jack for audio, in case we want to use headphones, because this portable PC to play also has built-in stereo speakers, although they have not transpired the details of these. And when it comes to wireless, the console offers connectivity WIFI 6 as well as Bluetooth 5.0.


Recently, details have been known about the battery life of the Steam Deck, leaving us somewhat cold about it, given its 2 hours of autonomy in high demand games. In the case of the ONEXPLAYER, it has a battery of 10,455 mAh (40.25 Whr), which, according to the manufacturer, will offer us up to 8 hours of video playbackTherefore, a much higher autonomy than the Steam Deck is expected. It will be charged with a 100 W GaN charger.

On the other hand, ONEPLAYER Mini is based on the Windows 11 operating system rather than a custom LINUX-based distribution as you would expect, or like the Steam Deck. So looking at it from the positive side, it should not give any compatibility problem, being able to have our entire catalog of games available.


Its base price is $ 1,295, but if you are one of those who run the most and do not think about it, it can be yours for just $ 1,039 in its advance presale. Even so, the brand will offer us three different options in configuration and prices, where the first 72 hours will have a reduced price, these being:

  • ONEXPLAYER Mini 16GB + 512 GB: 1,039 USD (24 hours), 1,059 USD (24-72 hours), 1,259 USD (retail price)
  • ONEXPLAYER Mini 16GB + 1,024 GB: 1,179 USD (24 hours), 1,199 USD (24-72 hours), 1,399 USD (retail price)
  • ONEXPLAYER Mini 16GB + 2,048 GB: 1,379 USD (24 hours), 1,399 USD (24-72 hours), 1,599 USD (retail price)

In addition, ONEXPLAYER Mini will not come alone, since for the price of this it includes a cover and a folding mini keyboard.

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