Online sales will increase in Spain by 20%

Electronic commerce has emerged in Spain in 2022, making our country a reference at the European level in the sector. In the past year, online sales moved 15,600 million euros only during the first quarter, 25.3% more than the previous year, according to data provided by the National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC).

The sectors that have experienced the highest income are textiles with 7.3 of total billing, travel agencies with 7.0% and financial intermediation services with 6.1%. This translates into more than 312 million transactions, only during the first quarter of the year.

65,300 million in sales

In fact, the “European Ecommerce Report 2022” prepared by Ecommerce Europe and EuroEcommerce with the participation of Adigital, forecasts that Spain will close the year with an estimated turnover of 65,300 million euros in sales, of which online sales correspond The 17%. Thus, Spanish GDP has doubled in the last four years thanks to the contribution of ecommerce Business to Consumer (B2C), raising the 2.60% obtained in 2017 to 4.60% in 2021. Spain thus becomes the third European country with the highest turnover thanks to online commerce.

Despite the fact that eCommerce will have to face different challenges in the near future – 5G integration, artificial intelligence solutions, the supply crisis or growing inflation – year after year, the figures for electronic commerce do not stop growing.

“The data confirm this trend and show how online shopping has been integrated into consumer habits in a general way in Spain, matching the data and levels of other countries of the European Union. According to the forecasts of our experts, 2023 will continue in the wake of growth and we estimate that gross sales in e-commerce will increase by 20%, especially in the travel and electronics categories. Likewise, we estimate a 10% increase in online orders, between 5 and 10% in online spending and that mobile purchases will go from 60% in 2022 to an estimated 65% for this year”, explains Paula Rodríguez, business development director of Webloyalty, company specialized in generating additional income for eCommerce.

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