Only 23% of Spanish university students want to start a business, compared to 40% in the US.

The Entrepreneurial desire of Spanish university students is still present, although below the European average. 23% of them intend to create a company five years ahead, which contrasts with 26% of the European Union. These figures are far from the 40% of the United States, according to a Guess report.

19% are involved in starting a start-up company. In the EU27 they are somewhat less (18%) the distance with the US (25%) is considerable.

Just over 6% have already created a company, are active entrepreneurs, a level similar to the EU27 and almost two points less than those in the US.

These great indicators are completed with an extensive battery that x-rays behaviors by careers, genders, Autonomous Communities, social context, support they receive from their universities and other variables that allow issuing recommendations for academic authorities, institutional managers and authorities, for students themselves and for teachers.

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  • 48% of new university students start businesses with other colleagues or founding partners.
  • 53% of the nascent have received specific training in business creation.
  • The entrepreneurial climate of Spanish universities reaches a passing grade, 3.8 out of 7, similar to that of European universities but below those of the USA (4.5).
  • The difference between the intention to be an entrepreneur of men (28%) and women (20%) is just over 8 points in Spain, slightly higher than that of the EU27.
  • By branches of knowledge, the greatest intention to create a company occurs in the engineering and architecture branches (27% want to create a company within five years).
  • The pandemic has lowered intentionality by one point compared to the 2018/19 Guess edition.
  • 12% of nascent entrepreneurs are motivated to create their companies by the challenge posed by the pandemic.

Diverse sectors

The Guess report collects cases of companies created by university students in very diverse sectors: manufacture of mechanical sails for boats; hyperloop vehicle manufacturing, of electric motorcycles; application of artificial intelligence to health; or drones to obtain very diverse data.

Guess is part of the Spanish Entrepreneurship Observatory and is the collaborative research project about the most important university enterprise in the world.

In Spain, 75 universities have participated in the 2021 edition and have been supported by SANFI, ENISA, CRUE and the High Commissioner for Spain Entrepreneurial Nation. The research has been directed by Professor José Ruiz Navarro and a team of researchers from the University of Cádiz.

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