only these 4 will not let even a virus pass

These applications have also spread to mobile devices, although their market penetration is much lower. In fact, if we focus on a desktop computer based on Microsoft’s Windows system, an antivirus is almost unavoidable software. What’s more, at the moment the company itself provides us with its own security solution pre-installed on the system. Specifically, we refer to Windows Defenderan antivirus that protects us from the outset when we put the operating system into operation for the first time.

But with everything and with it we have the possibility of opting and installing some other third-party security application, with which the Microsoft one is automatically deactivated. Here we can find a huge variety of antiviruses to choose from, some free, others paid, more or less veteran or reliable. As we know that the choice is somewhat complicated among all the enormous variety that exists, from here we are going to make things easier for you.

Actually, we are going to focus on the tests carried out by the company AV Comparatives to choose well. This is a firm independent of security companies that is responsible for carrying out all kinds of tests on their laboratories with the different antivirus on the market. Obviously these are tests that are carried out periodically and with the latest versions of each of the solutions.

What are the most reliable antivirus now

Now we are going to focus on what could be considered as the most reliable security programs in the world. present year 2022. In the event that you want to know all the details about the tests and security solutions analyzed, you can obtain it from this same link. This way you can take a look at the tests both online and locally that have been carried out with each of the antiviruses that have been taken into consideration.

But in this case it is worth mentioning four titles with these characteristics that have stood out from the rest thanks to the fact that they have been capable of detecting 100% of malicious elements that have passed through their hands. AV Comparatives has used a total of 10019 malwares with which it has tested the security alternatives chosen. The striking thing about all this is that only four of them have been able to detect and eliminate all the malicious codes sent. At this point, it must be taken into account that a total of 17 programs of these characteristics have been used.

Well, the four antiviruses that have been able to detect 100% of the viruses have been those belonging to avast, AVG, G Data Y mcafee. Of course, at the same time we must bear in mind that they have been closely followed by others such as Microsoft’s solution with Windows Defender and NortonLifeLock.

Other parameters that have also been taken into consideration when carrying out antivirus tests are the false positives sent, the protection in the cloud and the defenses used on our computer locally.

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