Only this «mini» trailer of Fundación will increase your desire to see it

The Most Anticipated Series on Apple TV +: Foundation

As we imagine you will already know, Foundation It has been one of the biggest projects Apple looked at for its streaming content service Apple TV +. A series that is based on one of the science fiction sagas largest and most complex in history. A series of books that Isaac Asimov wrote between the 1940s and the 1990s.

A plot based on a futuristic world in which robots walk among humans, to the point where social organization depends entirely on them. A fairly long and complex story that unfolds over the course of 3 different cycles that Asimov knew how to intertwine to perfection. Specifically, it seems that the TV series that in just 48 hours will be launched on Apple’s content platform will be based solely on the final cycle. A series of books that, according to many indicate, was a clear influence other great plots such as Star wars or own Dune.

If you want to continue opening your mouth, you can read the article that we leave you a little higher with all the information about this series and, also, take a look at that First Look that Apple has recently published.

A “first look” at the series Foundation

As we mentioned, in this first look at the Foundation series we can see many interesting details about it.

This behind the scenes will give us the possibility to take a look at the locations that have given life to this fantastic story and the elements that compose them such as: costumes, spaceships, futuristic recreations and much more.

Of course, we can see some actors like Lee Pace and David S. Goyer telling many fascinating behind-the-scenes details of this series and the ties it will have with Asimov’s novels. They also make an appearance Jared harris, which is responsible for giving life to Hari Selden, a mathematician with some strange theories about the future of the galaxy.

It is expected that with the premiere of the 24th the first two episodes of this series arrive and, from there, a weekly chapter is published as Apple’s content platform has us used to. In total, it seems that they will be 10 chapters that we will see in this first season, so we are supposed to have a Foundation for a while until mid november. Without a doubt, both fans of Asimov’s stories and science fiction film lovers will love what the Foundation has in store for us.

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