ONLY TODAY! 3 bargains that you cannot miss in the post Black Friday

Just yesterday Black Friday took place. And with it ended one of the most anticipated weeks of the year for bargain hunters. Right now we are in a limbo between the already finished Black Friday, and the cyber monday, which will take place next week and from which the Christmas shopping campaign will begin. However, being in that last lost weekend of November does not mean that we are going to run out of great bargains, far from it!

There are still stores that are offering different products, with great discounts, for those users who did not find what they wanted during the week of Black Friday. If you are one of those people, or you simply want to advance your Christmas shopping by ensuring the best price, we leave you with some of the best bargains that you will only be able to take advantage of today.

256 GB flash drive

The first of the bargains that we find is none other than this 256 GB flash drive. This high-capacity, high-speed flash drive will allow us to store everything we want inside so that we can always take it with us. It works as plug&play, that is, without configurations or drivers, and offers a reading speed of up to 100 MB/s.

The standard price of this flash drive is 59.99 euros. But, just for today, we can buy it at a 61% discount, so it will stay in only 23.63 euros.

Western Digital Gold 16TB hard drive

Are 256 GB too small for you? Well, let’s play big. Another of the most curious offers that we find today is none other than this premium hard drive, from Western Digital, with a capacity of 16 TB. Although it is a hard drive designed for business use (both in cache and in speed and reliability), if we want we can buy it without problems to mount it on our computer. It is one of the best hard drives on the market, although clearly everything is paid for.

Its price, normally, exceeds 900 euros. But, taking advantage of this post Black Friday period, we are going to be able to get hold of it practically half-price. And it is that, only today, this hard drive is priced at €468.77. An expensive bargain, but a bargain nonetheless.

Razer Huntsman Mini

Don’t want anything related to storage? Then do not worry. Another of the juiciest bargains that we find is this Razer mechanical keyboard. This mounts opto-mechanical buttons, which give us an amazing response speed both when writing and playing. It is a small keyboard, without numeric keypad or arrows, perfect when we have little space on the table or, simply, because we only want it to play.

A keyboard that easily exceeds 130 euros but, only today, we can get it for 72 euros. A great deal.

Of course, we must take into account that it has a keyboard layout in German, although it is nothing that cannot be solved with some stickers. In Windows it will work as a Spanish QWERTY keyboard.

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