OnlyOffice is updated to 7.0: earn points to be one of the best free office suites

Among these features, users will be able to create and collaborate on online forms with highly customizable fields that can be filled in by others (much like Google Drive, for example), open and save lookup tables in spreadsheets, protect documents with passwords, ordering comments, scaling… And many more options that we will go through in this article.

Online Fillable Forms

An option that did not exist before, and that now will allow you automate your paperwork routine. You can use documents with any extension (including .docx) or prepared templates and edit them at will and in real time, to share and fill it out online with whoever you want.

In addition, this type of form has many fields such as text, combo boxes, dropdown lists, boxes, radio buttons and images, so you can easily customize and adjust any parameter such as border colors, backgrounds, move and rotate fields, etc. suggestions, placeholders… Nothing will escape you.

Protect spreadsheets with passwords

Now, with this new update, it will make your work much safer. You can protect sheets and workbooks with separate passwords through the new tab called Protection. To prepare data for reporting and analysis, OnlyOffice has added the option to open and save lookup tables that combine data from one or more tables.

Only Office 7.0 - 1

Autocorrect hyperlinks and mail merge in documents

It is another of the main novelties, and it is that users will be able to choose if the links and local routes that are linked to the text are replaced by hyperlinks automatically, in addition to being able to select data to merge mail from local files and URLs. Undoubtedly an innovative and highly functional option for those people who continuously work with hyperlinks.

New transitions tab and support for animations in presentations

Why get complicated if everything can be more accessible and easy? Well, from now on you will have in a single tab called Transitions and located in the top bar all the options to add and edit the transitions for your slides. Very similar to the Microsoft Office tab, you will be able to choose between different types of transitions, as well as adjust the parameters of duration, appearance, disappearance of the same with just a couple of clicks, and everything is extremely simplified.

In addition to this, support for animations will allow you to play your slides that contain animations, the editor will start playing all the animations automatically. And also, starting with the next update, local links and paths can be replaced by hyperlinks and presentations can be saved in PNG or JPG.

Only Office 7.0 - 2

Collaboration enhancements

Here we find three new options. The first one, the version history in spreadsheets, through which we can browse previous drafts and even get to restore them, since each draft is saved by default as a version when the last user closes the sheet. Also, by co-editing the sheets, you can see what each one is doing, much like Google Drive.

They can also be sort comments by date and author in text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Finally, you can also choose between two display modes for the change tracking feature; When reviewing changes made by co-authors, you can choose to display the changes in balloons.

Only Office 7.0 - 3

Improved ease of use

Among the new functions, you will be able to use a dark mode for text documents to avoid eye fatigue; opt for keyboard shortcuts for tooltips and new scaling options, going up to 500%.

Mobile app enhancements

Users will be able to fill out forms not only online and locally on Windows, Linux, and macOS computers, but also in iOS and Android versions from anywhere on mobile phones and tablets.

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