Onyx BOOX Leaf, electronic ink and Android 10 in 7 inches

The Onyx BOOX Leaf is presented as a new small-sized digital book reader, as it comes equipped with a electronic ink screen 7-inch, and uses Android 10 as an operating system.

At the design level, the Onyx BOOX Leaf has a classic line with a double tone, which combines touches of white and gray with great success, as we can see in the attached image. We do not have details on the materials that were used to build the chassis, but we will most likely come across plastic, a resistant and inexpensive material.

To protect the Onyx BOOX Leaf, and to make the sensations to the touch more attractive, this model can be used with a cover made of fabric, and that it will be finished in dark gray and brown. This cover will be included for free in a promotion that will be temporarily active, and that will allow us to get the Onyx BOOX Leaf and the cover for $ 279.99. Its final sale price will be $ 310.

At the specification level, the Onyx BOOX Leaf strikes a good level, since it has a 8 core processor, it has 2 GB of RAM and has 32 GB of storage capacity. Its 7-inch screen uses electronic ink (E Letter), is tactile and has a resolution of 1,680 x 1,264 pixels. Allows you to regulate the color temperature to reduce the emission of blue light.

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Onyx BOOX Leaf, electronic ink and Android 10 in 7 inches

Otherwise, this model has Dual band Wi-Fi, supports Bluetooth 5.0, has a USB Type-C connector that allows charging and data transfer, has a 2,000 mAh battery, an integrated microphone and a speaker. Its measurements are 165.6 x 130.8 x 6mm and it has a weight of 170 grams, which means that it is quite light.

The Onyx BOOX Leaf will receive official support for at least 3 years, as confirmed by Onyx itself. This means that you will have free firmware updates during that period of time. Will be available globally as of December 7, but as we have said, it can already be obtained in pre-purchase.

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