Opel Grandland PHEV 2022, catharsis

“And you’re made of fine plastic” Radio Futura (Poison on the Skin, 1990)

The Major drove in silence, his eyes fixed on the rickety road through the Scottish countryside. He did it fast but without hesitation in any of the sharp curves that he was facing one after another. Meanwhile sitting in the passenger seat of the old Vauxhall I was holding the wound on my arm which still hurt like hell as blood soaked through my jacket and threatened to stain the car’s cream upholstery. I looked back. Thomas was much worse off than me, lying in the back seat with his head resting on Philip’s legs, who was apparently uninjured but was shaking like a leaf as he repeated “My God, my God,” breathing in gushes, as if his throat alone opened when he invoked the Almighty. Thomas was motionless and his right arm fell to the floor of the car, his hand limp, his fingers spread like a spatter of flesh.

I looked at Phillip. His eyes didn’t have that daring gleam of youth that dazzled them when we were preparing for the mission. That courage or unconsciousness that charged us all with energy, including the commander, had disappeared. Philip rolled down the window and damp air rushed into the cabin to mix with the smell of blood and fear that permeated the interior of the car. He then he threw his gun out the window. The commander took his eyes off the road for a moment to look at him. But he didn’t get angry. “You have done a foolish thing Philip.” “He,” he said, and then turned his attention back to the road. It was obvious that Thomas was no longer breathing. His bloodstain already covered her entire chest. But Philip kept holding him so he wouldn’t fall with the potholes we were finding. Every jolt of the car stabbed into my arm like a knife. But I didn’t complain. So I asked the commander “Now what?” He looked at me surprised. “Now nothing. We’re already dead anyway.” Only then when I looked at myself did I notice that I had a small hole in my forehead that was beginning to bleed…

The combination between the mid-size SUV body and plug-in hybrid mechanics is penetrating among manufacturers and is receiving a good response in the market. It is a very determined commitment by some groups such as Stellantis, which offer it in practically all their brands, taking advantage of the synergies that allow sharing chassis and mechanics. This proposal allows these SUVs, which are close to 4.5 meters in length, to be provided with more than enough power to move even with features typical of sports versions while granting the versatility of being able to function as an electric car.

Vauxhall Grandland

Analyzed model Vauxhall Grandland
engine and finish PHEV 1.6 Turbo 224 hp Ultimate
Power 224 hp
Maximum speed 225km/h
Acceleration o-100 8.9s
Long wide high 4477/1856/1609mm
Max Power RPM 224CV (181V Gasoline engine, 110 CV electric motor)
Max torque Nm/RPM 300Nm
Gearbox Automatic 8 speed
Price €44,350

In addition, the size of these “medium” SUVs allow them to circulate around the city without problems and offer space and comfort for long trips, a compromise that can convince many. In the case of Opel, the renewed Grandland range is the ideal candidate for this solution, so we wanted to test the new 2022 model of the Opel Grandland with the 224 horsepower plug-in hybrid mechanics that other models of the group equip and that we were able to test in the Peugeot. 508 a long time ago.


With regard to the Grandland X, in addition to losing the X in the name, numerous aesthetic changes and some interesting details have been made that align it with the new generation of models from the German brand. The front changes significantly, with a new grille that is now long and narrow and dark in color. It forms a band that joins the two headlights on the sides of the front that stretch to the sides of the car.

A large bumper dominates the lower part of the front end while on the sides of the bumper are two large black plastic covered indentations into which the position lights are placed. In the center of the bumper, another narrow black air intake sits on top of a much larger one with a honeycomb grille that extends to the bottom where the spoiler is located.

In general, a design that has been conceived to give a more aggressive and modern image than the one transmitted by the Grandland X. These touches in black that we have mentioned correspond in some cases to the GS line finish, the sportiest of Opel for this model, that seeks to differentiate itself from the aesthetic line of the rest of the components of the Grandland range. An ideal complement for that more dynamic image.

Reasonable similarities

The appearance of the side of this Opel is very similar to that of its predecessor, although in the GS line version some showy black rims have been incorporated, the line is similar to that of its predecessor. Also typical of this finish is the black molding that occupies the interior of the wheel arches and the lower part of the bodywork that give a very interesting sporty touch, together with those that outline the A, B and C pillars.

The rear of the Grandland is in this case identical to that of the Opel Grandland X, with the wide tailgate, the light clusters placed high on the bodywork and a very generous bumper. It changes the glossy black finish of the molding that tops the bumper and the placement of the model name in large format in the center of the tailgate just below the unmistakable shield of the German brand. Although this area has not been aesthetically updated, it fits perfectly with the rest of the car’s design.

Inside we find some more changes with an interior that continues to convey a good quality of materials and finishes but with an updated look compared to the previous generation of the car. What first strikes the eye is the surface of the screens that are on the dashboard one after the other giving the impression of a single continuous screen. It is a 12-inch display that shows the instrumentation and another 10 that provides information about the car.

big screens

Although many of the car’s functions can be controlled from the information system’s touch screen, Opel has decided to keep the traditional air conditioning controls so that we don’t have to navigate through the menus to modify the system’s operation. We also have a series of buttons under the screen to access the menus for audio, navigation, telephone, configuration and information on the driving systems and buttons for access to the main menu and back.

We also have in the center of said keypad a dial to control the volume that can also turn the system on and off. The rest of the elements of the dashboard and the storage compartments as well as the “floating” design of the center console where the lever to change the gears is located are the same as the previous generation. Change the design of the ventilation holes by force since now the area of ​​the displays is larger.


The excellent seats that Opel usually offers with double texture are maintained in this version with a fabric with a texture with relief in the central part of the seat and the backrest with a very pleasant touch and a smooth fabric with a leather touch in the rest. The driver’s seat has all imaginable regulations with a removable bench to rest your legs. It is one of the most comfortable driving positions in cars of this size.

The space in the rear is good for two people and somewhat more difficult for a third whose backrest becomes an armrest and does not have the same fabric as the other seats. On the other hand there is plenty of legroom and height. In addition, the good quality of the seats is repeated, which allows comfortable travel with two air conditioning outlets and USB connectors to charge mobile devices.

The boot has the same capacity as the previous generation Grandland with 390 liters of capacity. The capacity is reduced by the presence of batteries just like what happened with the plug-in hybrid version of its predecessor. It is a trunk that does not compete with the most capable in the category but being regular in shape and easy to access thanks to the large tailgate, it is very usable.

On going

For the test drive and as we usually do for models with plug-in hybrid propulsion, we try to carry out test drives in different situations and using the different propulsion possibilities of the car. The first test was carried out on urban routes with only the electric propulsion. In this situation the Grandland behaves with outstanding smoothness but with enough power to pull off and even maintain good speed on the bypasses.

In terms of consumption, it is the driving situation in which it is easier to achieve 50 kilometers of autonomy (approved 56 at most) that drop rapidly as soon as we hit the road. When switching to hybrid driving, the smoothness is maintained when starting with the electric motor and the silence is practically also maintained even when the internal combustion engine starts, thanks to its excellent soundproofing. It is an agile car that responds quickly to the accelerator, although if we abuse it, consumption will increase.

It is the ideal mode for trips since it will use the necessary propulsion at all times and guarantees, as we have anticipated, good comfort. It is a car with a very comfort-oriented suspension, so on roads with uneven surfaces we will hardly notice the shocks. In addition, thanks to the soundproofing and the good quality of the seats and the generous interior space, it seems an ideal car for long trips.

In Sport mode, the two motors, electric and internal combustion, work constantly to provide maximum power and torque. This makes the car more agile and responds more immediately to the accelerator, although perhaps the change could behave in a more sporty way by speeding up the gears a little more in this mode. When facing curves, the suspension is somewhat soft but never insecure and the steering is somewhat less direct than would be expected from a car with a somewhat sportier character.


The new Opel Grandland is a particularly comfortable car with remarkable care in the quality of the seats and the soundproofing. It is a model that stands out for habitability and ride comfort that with the incorporation of the 224-horsepower plug-in hybrid mechanics makes us travel with peace of mind at all times. It is not a car that seeks sports sensations at any time, although it has enough power to move quickly on any road or highway.

The possibility of moving in 100% electric mode and the long-awaited zero label make this model a very versatile car with which it is possible to make long trips with great comfort but also to move around the city without problems, thanks also to the numerous endowment of driving aid. The updated look gives it a modern touch while essentially changing almost none of its predecessor’s features.

Final assessment


The Opel Grandland remains one of the great successes of the German manufacturer. With the complicity of the Stellantis engines and chassis, they achieve a very comfortable and versatile car that could have a larger trunk and be somewhat sportier.

infotainment system8.5

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