Opera for Mac now supports emoji URLs

Emoji URLs - Opera

Yes. You have read well. In case you didn’t know, for a while now, we can create our own domain using emojis through the Yat company. But of course, if the browsers are not able to interpret the emojis to translate them to the corresponding IP, it is absolutely useless.

The Opera browser (a reference in the world of browsers until it was acquired by a Chinese investment company) has joined Yat and has released a new update of its browser for Mac in which add support for web addresses created with only emojis. It is funny? Yes Is it the future? I do not think so.

According to the executive vice president of Opera:

The partnership marks a major paradigm shift in how the Internet works. It’s been almost 30 years since the World Wide Web was released to the public, and there hasn’t been much innovation in the web linking space: people still include .com in their URLs.

Thanks to the integration with Yat, Opera users can do without the .com and even the words in their links and use emojis to be directed to websites. It’s new, easier and more fun.

Yat is not only the name of the company, but also the name of the unique domain that presents the emoji string. How could it be otherwise, Yat has future plans to allow users to turn their Yat into an NFT.

Kesha the singer has its Yat page, a web page represented by the emojis 🌈🚀👽. Unless you have the Opera browser for macOS, iOS, or iPadOS, you won’t be able to access it.

What is clear is that, unless all browsers support emoji addresses, this new method of creating web addresses, It has very short legs.

Install a new browser exclusively to be able to visit a very limited set of websites dont have much sense.

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