Opera Lomi, the web browser streaming service

Opera Lomi is, as we anticipate in the headline, the service of streaming of the web browser, or what is the same, of Opera Software, the developer of the web browser … and yes, it is what you are imagining, although el perquè de tot plegat it is far from clear, given the erratic direction the project has taken in recent years.

But where does Opera Lomi come from? Apparently, the company has been developing it for a while and its launch in ‘open’ is approaching, although for now it is only officially available on the Polish market and in beta phase, or so it is assumed, because by testing it to make this article it is possible to access to him, for example, through the Netherlands, which would imply that his European expansion is near.

Be that as it may, what is Opera Lomi? The service is actually called Lomi by Opera and it is about a video on demand platform more in the style of Google Play than Netflix, although it has a little of each: its catalog is made up of titles as recent as outstanding, available to rent at the usual price, as well as somewhat older and unknown films with free access financed by advertising .

The peculiarity of Opera Lomi is that the service is linked to the web browser. Thus, on the one hand, everything seems to indicate that once registered you will be able to access it from any compatible browser, which is most likely restricted to the scope of Chromium and derivatives -among which is Opera itself; and on the other hand, it is necessary to register with an Opera account, the same one that you need to use the browser’s data synchronization.

Opera Loomi

Opera Loomi

Opera Lomi has been noticed as a result of the last stable update of the browser, a maintenance version without any interest, as the majority of those received in recent months by the once-innovative Opera have been. With a nuance, and that is that the direct access in the panel – accompanying that of social networks and messaging services – can only be seen in the Polish edition of the application.

It is also said with respect to Opera Lomi that will block users using VPN, something I would have already done with the NordVPN provider; However, it is with a well-known provider that we have been able to access the portal from Low Countries, yes, without registering. However, there is the caveat.

The big question is what Opera Software hopes to achieve with Lomi, because it does not seem the most appropriate bet to complement a browser that made the flag of innovation, but whose pace of development and novelties has decreased in recent times in an ostensible way. And yet there it is … or rather, there it comes.

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