Opera unveils an Android and Windows browser dedicated to cryptocurrencies

Opera launches its web browser specializing in cryptocurrency. This “crypto browser” is available in early access for Android, Windows and Mac. And an iOS version should appear soon. Opera seeks to make access to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies easier. Also more understandable for everyone, especially for those who are not familiar with it.

You hear more and more about cryptocurrencies. These are decentralized virtual currencies, independent of banking networks and linked to an encryption system. There are several: Bitcoin, the best known bitcoin cash, L’Ethereum, the Litecoin, or even the Dogecoin which made people talk about it thanks to Elon Musk. Other promising currencies are also available. These currencies can be bought and exchanged. They can also be used to buy goods… and not only on the Dark Web. For example, you can buy yourself a Tesla.

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At the base of cryptocurrencies, you find the technology of blockchains. It is a system that decentralizes interactions between users. If a blockchain user is removed, the algorithm evolves to replace them. The blockchain records all transactions. And everything is encrypted to ensure the protection and consistency of information. From this notion of blockchain emerges a trend towards “decentralized applications“, or dApp which will also work in the same way as cryptocurrencies. The dApps would together form a new web, the one that experts are already calling Web3.

Opera launches blockchain-based browser

And that’s where Opera comes in. The company has just launched a web browser specializing in cryptocurrency and Web3. She calls it a “crypto-browser“. It is available now in early access on Android, Mac and Windows (as well as on iOS soon). It is a browser that allows you to consult classic websites, but also the “dApps” that already exist. The browser has, by default, some bookmarks to specialized information sites. Also note that the rendering engine is still based on Chromium, like other versions of Opera.

Opera’s Crypto Browser includes a crypto wallet, to buy, sell and exchange your cryptocurrencies. It would also allow you to manage your NFTs, if you acquire them. And that’s logical: the NFT is also part of this Web3 and blockchain movement. With this browser, Opera therefore wishes to make technologies related to cryptocurrencies, but above all to the blockchain, accessible and understandable.

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