OPPO Enco Free 2, the ‘AirPods Pro’ for less than 100 euros

OPPO Enco Free 2: video analysis

Very conservative design

I want to start, as I always do in my analysis, by talking to you about the aesthetic section of these OPPO Enco Free 2. And it is that at the least that you know a little about the market for this type of device, it will sound a lot to you.

These are True Wireless headphones, as I have already told you, that they arrive in this oval box that will allow us to transport them and, of course, charge them thanks to its internal battery. Hearing aids that both they and their case greatly remind us of the aesthetics of Apple AirPods Pro. Something that is not at all negative, since I believe that it is the best design that there is of these headphones and that it benefits the experience.

This model will be available in two equally conservative colors: black and white. I know that white can be more beautiful to look at, even less “basic”, but of course, this color gets dirty easily. And not so much the headphones themselves, but its transport box that, having carried it in a pocket for a week, already has a slight tint on the body from rubbing against jeans. Personally, if I had to buy them I would go straight for the color black.

Then, taking into account the headphones themselves, the design is, as I said, quite similar to that of Apple’s AirPods Pro. We have the typical headphone of short swab with silicone pads that, in its lower part, has two small metal tabs that will serve to make contact with its case and charge them.

In short, despite the design being quite similar to other proposals on the market, it is about headphones that I really liked. And, in addition, I find them very comfortable both to transport and to wear, despite not being a user pro silicone pads. If you are also the type of person who falls for this kind of headphones, these OPPO Enco Free 2 incorporate different sizes of ear pads so that you can adjust it to your needs.

Outstanding experience: quality and functionalities

Now I want to go on to discuss the issues that seem most important to me in the case of headphones: sound quality, user experience and the functionalities they have.

The audio is something quite particular since it depends on the tastes of each one. There are people who prefer sounds with lower bass, others who want the purest possible experience and others who, like me, without being expert audiophiles, what we ask is that they be heard well, without too much latency (especially to play content with them on) and that the audio quality is good. For me, at least, these Enco X fulfill these aspects to perfection.

Any type of music, series, movie or games that you play through them sounds great. The bass is strong, it has no distortion whatsoever and the sounds are very clear. This is thanks to the fact that they are calibrated under the Dynaudio monitoring since they incorporate something very curious: an audio compensation based on our hearing sensitivity.

Through its control app, of which I will now tell you more details, we have a function called “Personalized sound enhancement”. This will do a hearing test to adapt the sound equalization to our needs. At the end, we will see a representation of our hearing ability and we can apply an enhancement to the sound accordingly.

Regarding its possibilities, here the OPPO Enco Free 2 have 3 main characteristics:

  • Active noise cancellation and transparency mode.
  • Game mode.
  • Gestures and touch functions.

I find the noise suppression of these headphones some of the best I’ve tried to date. Being able, according to the manufacturer, to eliminate up to 42 dB of ambient noise if we want to disconnect from the world. However, if we want to listen to something calmly but be aware of what is going on around you, you can activate the ambient mode to let conversations and other important sounds pass.

In this aspect of the cancellation, there is another detail that has surprised me a lot while testing the OPPO Enco Free 2 and it is the audio quality while talking on the phone. This headset incorporates a triple microphone for cancellation of ambient noise in conversations. Therefore, the audio that it is capable of capturing will be of quality despite the wind or ambient noise. Something that does not happen with many other headphones on the market.

The game mode It may be that, a priori, it is not something that interests you too much if you are not a very gamer. But the truth is that it may have many more benefits than you think. This way reduce latency of audio, that is, the time that passes from when a sound is emitted until it reaches us through the earphone. And this means that both in games, which is important especially if you play at a competitive level, as in videos, series and movies, that unpleasant sensation of desynchronization of the voice with what we are seeing does not occur.

On the other hand, and like Drita mentioned to us in her review of the OPPO Enco X, they have a great improvement on the stick compared to Apple headphones: a touch surface. Depending on what we do, we can interact in different ways with this device by managing: the control of the music, the audio volume, invoking the voice assistant or the different levels or modes of active noise cancellation. All this through gestures and touches ranging from a single, double or triple touch, the long press and the swipe on the stick. All these possibilities, and some more details, we can configure it to our liking through the realme link app from the phone.

As the last details that seem important to me that you know about the OPPO Enco Free 2 if you think about buying them are:

  • His autonomy is more than correct. According to the manufacturer, taking into account the capacity of the transport box, we could reach a total of 30 hours of use. I have not been able to reach that amount of hours but, I can assure you that during all this time using them it has been as if the battery was infinite.
  • They have protection IP54 against water and dust, so you can use them for sports or take them to the beach without problems. Of course, the box does not have this protection, so put it in a safe place.
  • They have certain interesting details such as power control the camera of our phone or, even have a system of quick link with this. Of course, these two functionalities are only available on certain OPPO phones.

A great option at a reasonable price

Finally, now you already know all the possibilities of these headphones in depth, I want to talk to you about the price.

The OPPO Enco Free 2 can be ours for only 99 euros. This may not be a cost that we can all afford. But, taking into account everything they offer and comparing them with other options on the market, I think they are one of the best alternatives to consider today.

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