Oppo Find N: here is finally a serious competitor for the Galaxy Z Fold 3!

After an intense week of leaks, Oppo has finally formalized the Find N, its first smartphone with a foldable screen. Alternative to Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Mate X, Find N integrates two touch screens, including a flexible LTPO panel developed by Samsung. Equipped with a high-end platform, the smartphone will be released on December 23 in China. No price has been specified. And the launch in Europe is not yet planned … unless the reception is good.

In recent days, there have been many leaks about the Find N, the first smartphone with a foldable screen from Oppo. Its design has leaked. Its technical sheet was leaked. And Oppo even put an end to the suspense by officially unveiling its ergonomics on Twitter. As a result, we knew everything important to know long before this morning’s presentation, on the second day of Inno Day 2021, the manufacturer’s annual conference. This did not prevent us from following the officialization of Find N and discovering more details on the datasheet.

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Oppo introduces Find N, Galaxy Z Fold 3’s most serious current competitor

Let’s start with the most important: the Find N is indeed Oppo’s first smartphone with a foldable screen. Its price has not yet been revealed, which is a shame, even if the first indications agree that it will be slightly cheaper than the Galaxy Z Fold 3. But its release date is 23 December 2021. Either next week. And it won’t be only available in China. Oppo does not “yet” want to launch Find N in the West. In our opinion, the decision will depend mainly on the enthusiasm he will meet in China, but also internationally on social networks.

oppo find n official

Let’s continue with the presentation of the product. First of all with the exterior. The Find N is therefore positioned against the Galaxy Z from Samsung. And especially against the Galaxy Z Fold 3, even if the Find N opts for a slightly different format. Indeed, it is less tall and wider than the Fold 3. 132.6 mm in height, against 158.2 mm. 73mm wide when closed, compared to 67.1mm. And 140.2 mm in width when it is open, against 128.1 mm. This means that the Find N opts for a practically square main screen.

The Find N has two screens, including a flexible Samsung panel

The Find N integrates two screens. The foldable slab measures 7.1 inch. Its resolution is equivalent to Full HD: 1792 x 1920 pixels. The resolution is 370 pixels. Which is very close to the characteristics of the foldable screen of the Z Fold 3 (which is slightly larger). Brightness is 500 nits, with peaks at 1000 nits. The refresh rate is variable: it goes down to 1 Hz and goes up to 120 Hz.

oppo find n official

The panel is AMOLED LTPO. Oppo preferred not to confirm it, but it is obvious that the panel is signed Samsung. The hinge allows an intermediate opening with angles between 50 ° and 120 °, in order to multiply the uses, in particular for work and entertainment. Oppo calls this “FlexForm”. Nothing very innovative here, since Samsung offers exactly the same thing.

oppo find n official

The external screen is also much smaller than that of the Z Fold 3: 5.49 inch, against 6.2 inches. That is to say the width of an iPhone 13 Mini screen. The resolution is just as astonishing: 1972 x 988. Almost 18 / 9th. The resolution reaches 402 pixels per inch. The refresh rate is fixed at 60 Hz. The overall brightness is 500 nits. And the slab is AMOLED. This screen is protected by Gorilla Victus. On the other part of the shell, you will find a photo module integrated into the mineral glass like the Find X3 Pro. Three colors are available: white, black and purple.

The technical sheet of the Find N is similar to that of the Find X3 Pro

Let’s go inside. As has been revealed by the leaks in recent days, the Find N benefits from a technical sheet quite close to that of the Find X3 Pro. It works on the Snapdragon 888 by Qualcomm. This is a high-end chipset, but not the latest generation. No Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 nor Snapdragon 888+ for Oppo’s folding smartphone. But is this really a flaw? Not necessarily. It offers enough power to run several applications at the same time, as we saw with the Z Fold 3. It is accompanied here by 8 or 12 GB of RAM and of 256 or 512 GB of storage (two possible configurations).

oppo find n official

On the battery side, the smartphone has two batteries of 2250 mAh each, for a total capacity of 4500 mAh, 100 mAh more than the Z Fold 3. They are compatible Super VOOC 33 watts, not 65 watts like most current Finds, as well as AirVOOC 15 watts (Qi compatible). The firm explains that it has chosen more moderate powers than on the Find X for reasons of the thickness of the product. The Find N is reverse charge compatible. The power emitted is 10 watts.

In photo, the Find N is stuck between the Reno6 Pro and the Find X3 Pro

On the photo side, we find a configuration close to a Reno6 Pro, for example. The Find N has 3 sensors on the back, one sensor above its external display and one in the upper left corner of its internal display. The main sensor is the famous Sony IMX766 that you find in all premium Oppo models from 2021 (Find X3 Pro, Find X3 Neo, Reno6 Pro). This 50 megapixel sensor with omnidirectional autofocus is, as always, accompanied by a stabilized lens opening at f / 1.8. It is accompanied by a sensor 16 megapixels with ultra-wide-angle lens opening at f / 2.2 and a sensor 13 megapixels with telephoto lens opening at f / 2.4. The zoom ratio is 2x. The two selfie sensors are models 32 megapixels with lens opening at f / 2.4.

oppo find n official

For the rest, nothing spectacular. We find a fingerprint reader positioned on the edge, mimicking the Z Fold 3. It is 5G, WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 compatible. It works with ColorOS 12, based on Android 11 and with some tweaks for this particular form factor. It has two SIM slots. It comes with a USB cable and charger, but without a cover or headphones. So here are all the technical details on Find N. What do you think? Go to the comments to continue the discussion and exchange points of view.

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