Oppo launches the Reno7 in France, selfie expert and competitor of the Vivo V23

Oppo’s Reno7 arrives in France. It is available today at a price of 330 euros. Positioned as a selfie expert, it will compete with Vivo’s V23, with which it does not only share an appetite for self-portraits. They also share this very angular and rectilinear design inspired by iPhones and initiated at Oppo with the Reno6 of 2021. It naturally has other strengths. Here are which ones.

oppo reno7 official

Oppo’s product strategy is becoming more precise in 2022. We noticed it with the Find X5 Pro, an equally stunning smartphone as the Find X3 Pro, almost as stunning, but also much more mature in its proposal. A smartphone that deserved to get 4.5 out of 5 stars during our test. This maturity, we also see it appear in the catalog.

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Indeed, some Find launched in recent years (the Find X3 Neo for example) are none other than terminals launched in China in the Reno range. But that shouldn’t last any longer: the Finds will soon be exclusively high-end models, while the mid-range will only be covered by Renos, thus avoiding any confusion between the Reno6 Pro and the Find X3 Neo for example. If the very recent Find X5 Lite still resists this homogenization, it could be the last.

oppo reno7 official

The proof is with the arrival in France of the Reno7. Why ? Because usually Oppo France skips a generation of Reno. There were the Reno4s, then the Reno6s. There shouldn’t have been a Reno in France before the Reno8 expected at the end of the year. And yet, here is the Reno7, a sign of better readability of Oppo’s proposal. The smartphone is released today (Thursday, April 21, 2022) in France at the price of €329.90. It will be exclusively available online: at Cdiscount, Amazon and in the official Oppo store.

The orange Reno7 is dressed in fiberglass leather

What is the positioning of the Reno7 vis-à-vis the Find X5 Lite, for example? If they share a few lines from their respective data sheets (screen, RAM, battery, main photo sensor, selfie sensor), there is above all a difference in design. The Find X5 Lite takes up fairly classic lines in Oppo’s catalog, while the Reno7, a worthy successor to the Reno6, opts for straight metal edges and flat faces which are reminiscent, to some extent, of recent generations of iPhones.

oppo reno7 official

The back of the smartphone is made of glass. But it is not the same texture for the two colors. If the black model is matte with some shiny tips (a bit like Oppo Glow), the Orange model is dressed in a ” fiberglass leather “. This model, which will be exclusive to Amazon, offers a feel close to vegan leather (quite close to the Find X2 Pro) while being more resistant according to Oppo. The leather version is slightly thicker than the classic glass version (7.54mm versus 7.49mm), but the weight is the same (175 grams). The protection factor is IPX4against splashes.

The Reno7 integrates the same selfie sensor as the Find X5 Pro

Although it seems to share the same selfie sensor with the Find X5 Lite, the Reno7 is presented by Oppo as a selfie expert. Oppo explains that it is the sensor of the Find X5 Pro: a IMX709 of 32 megapixels. This RGBW sensor (with white pixels to add light) is accompanied by a 24mm equivalent lens that opens to f/2.4. It’s HDR-ready of course, and it supports various portrait modes to more creatively deal with ambient lights.

oppo reno7 official

At the back you find three sensors. The main sensor 64MP is the same as the Find X5 Lite. The other two sensors offer a definition of 2 MP. One calculates distances for portrait mode and the other is a… microscope ! the zoom ratio is 15x or 30x. And good news, the circular flash is back: it will directly illuminate the details, which is not the case with the Realme GT 2 Pro which also has a microscope, but which benefits from too much lighting. away from the target. In addition, this “orbital” flash is also used for notifications.

AMOLED screen, expandable storage, 4G connection and 4500 mAh battery

Let’s quickly brush up on the rest of the spec sheet: chipset Snapdragon 680 with 4G modem only (for us, this is not a real defect), 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of storage expandable with a memory card, screen Full HD+ AMOLED of 6.4 inches with refresh rate 90Hz and 180 Hz sample rate, protection in Gorilla Glass 5battery of 4500mAh with 33 watt fast charge (for a full charge in about 1 hour), 3.5 mm jack port for wired headset enthusiasts, fingerprint reader under the screen and ColorOS 12 (based on Android 12) in command.

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