Oppo prepares a continuous zoom for the camera of their mobiles

Continuous optical zoom is coming to the smartphone

Oppo has been known for a couple of years as one of the mobile phone manufacturers with the greatest commitment to innovation. Not always everything that he raises turns out well or ends up being the most successful solution, but it is true that only the fact of looking for these different solutions deserves recognition.

On this occasion, after that new sample with the advances made in matters of hiding the selfie or front camera under the screen, there are two new proposals in which the brand is working to improve the quality of the photographs on its future mobile phones. Something that, if they can do it effectively, can be a major leap in every way.

The first announcement made by the company is a telephoto lens with optical zoom, a camera with a lens in the shape of a periscope that might not be at all conspicuous if you do not know what is the secret that it hides: a system of continuous optical zoom. That is, no lenses with fixed focal lengths to jump between.

With this continuous zoom Oppo would offer a focal range between 85 and 200 mm. Which is extremely interesting, because you could enjoy all the features of a single sensor while shooting at different focal lengths as if it were a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

Something that, compared to what is currently in the high-end terminals and with more advanced options in this aspect represents an important change. Because now, for example, although we have 5x periscope telephoto lenses, to continue increasing we already use the digital clipping of the sensor to reach 10x and more.

5-axis stabilization system

The second ad would also be important for photography and video. What’s more, it could also be key to the use of this new zoom system continued. It’s about a five-axis optical image stabilization system.

This would offer, according to Oppo, a much more controlled stabilization and up to three times better than those that current OIS systems allow. This is due to the combination of the stabilization of two axes of the lens plus the three that would affect the sensor.

Something that will have to be seen if it actually complies later or not due to the size of the sensor itself, the path it may have, etc. The good thing is that it seems that this could be a novelty that will arrive soon. Oppo intends that the phones that it will launch from 2022 already integrate it.

New sensor with RGBW sub-pixels

To finish, although here we will have to be a little more skeptical, Oppo has also shown the design of a new sensor with RGBW sub-pixels with which it hopes to offer a 60% increase in light sensitivity.

In this way, with less light the photographs should be of higher quality. Something for which the design of the captor would be one of the important legs, because the others would be supported by other aspects such as the manufacturing processes of these that are more advanced or the algorithms when processing all the information.

Oppo continues to seek differentiation

Oppo is undoubtedly still looking for a way to add value to its products and differentiate itself from other manufacturers. Although other brands such as Vivo are also making important advances in these same aspects that are now being announced.

We will see how the play comes out, but together with that decision to merge Oppo and OnePlus, if they take advantage of both routes, surely 2022 will be a lively year for them. And we must not forget that, among many other things, Oppo is a brand that has in its catalog a mobile phone with a microscopic camera. Below you can see the video of the event held to talk about the image future to the company.

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