Oppo Reno6, analysis: a very striking design

Oppo Reno 6, video analysis

The attraction of great design

Numerous devices pass through my hands and those of the rest of us who give life to El Output, including many mobile phones. That is why, today, it is difficult for one to surprise me so much, but I admit that the Oppo Reno 6 yes it has.

In terms of design I admit that it’s one of the prettiest phones I’ve ever tried in recent months. And I do not care that for some or even for myself it has a certain resemblance to the current Apple iPhone. It breaks with the usual aesthetics and the fact of leaving behind the more rounded frames and rear I like a lot.

Perhaps this straighter aesthetic, with sharp angles and sober not everyone likes it, but I personally do and that is why, from day one, it is a phone that I have liked to have in my hand all the time. Sensation that was reinforced by the rear.

With a polished glass, like frosted, in matte black, the Oppo Reno 6 powerfully attracts attention. In addition, it is much cleaner than others and avoids those dreaded traces that bother us so much that we always try to make our phone as clean as possible.

For the rest, the distribution of the volume buttons, power, USB C connector, SIM tray, etc., does not break schemes and follows the usual distribution. So very well in this section the Oppo Reno 6. What’s more, I would say that it is its main asset and reason for being attractive compared to other options on the market.

Inner beauty

If the exterior design is or can be very important for many users, that other beauty, the internal one, is for everyone. Because a very aesthetic device is useless if then it does not comply with what really matters.

Here Oppo offers a technical sheet that, without being one of the best, will offer a configuration capable of meeting practically all kinds of situations. But if you think so, first a summary of their specs and then we go point to point evaluating:

  • Mediatek Dimensity 900 processor
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 128 GB of storage
  • 6.43 ″ AMOLED screen
  • 4,300 mAh battery
  • 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 fast charge
  • 32 MP front camera
  • Main camera with three sensors: 64 MP main, 8 MP wide angle and 2 MP macro
  • WiFi, BT and LTE / 5G connectivity
  • Price 499 euros

With all this, the experience is as follows.

A remarkable display

Oppo has decided to bet on a 6.43-inch AMOLED panel with Full HD + resolution. It is a panel with a 90Hz refresh rate that allows you to enjoy a very fluid experience.

This screen has two additional details: the hole in the screen and the fingerprint reader under it. The hole because of the position hardly bothers me, it goes unnoticed at least for me. And about the fingerprint reader, say that it works well, it is in a comfortable position and together with facial recognition it allows each user to find the unlocking system that best suits them.

Regarding image quality, both for brightness, contrast, color representation and sharpness, nothing to object. It is a screen that performs well, like that of the majority of current proposals and that little can be reproached for. What’s more, unless you compare it with the best on the market, the experience is so good that it could be used in a high-end without problem. And to all that we must add that the tactile response is also very good.

Correct performance

A chip from Mediatek, the Dimensity 900 To be exact, it is the one that Oppo has chosen to give life to this smartphone. Here it must be said that these processors are no longer those that the company manufactured years ago and were intended for low ranges because they were economical and their performance much more restrained than those of Qualcomm.

I know that there will be those who still prefer Qualcomm chips, I prefer them myself, but I admit that in the last devices with Mediatek processors I have had a good experience in each and every one of the sections.

Both in the use of the system and applications of all kinds and games, the team performs well. It is not the most powerful and that is noticeable if it is compared directly with other options, but in general you will not find any problem.

Logically the performance is also due to the good work of Oppo with ColorOS. Its customization layer is well adjusted and together with a good number of options it allows you to configure the device for optimal performance or even if you want, sacrifice something to have an extra battery.

Battery for a day of use without thinking about a charger

The Oppo Reno 6 integrates a 4,300 mAh battery and a 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 fast charging system. Result of such a set? Well, to begin with, you have the possibility of reaching the end of the day well with normal use. If you abuse taking photos you will have to go through the plug, but in a matter of minutes (35 minutes from 0% to 100%) you will have the device ready again.

Of course, it does not include wireless charging and here although it is compensated with fast charging, the convenience of being able to leave the phone in a Qi charging base and that it is ready for when you leave home or the office is lost. Or even if you go to a coffee shop or store and they have wireless chargers on the tables for “emergency” situations.

Some cameras that do not surprise

And we come to the weakest section from my point of view of this Oppo Reno 6: the camera. It is true that for me this is an important section, it is not that I ask for super professional quality, but a minimum in common situations.

Here I think that Oppo let go a little more and that shocks me, because on other occasions they have shown that they are capable of offering interesting devices in photographic matters. An example, the Oppo Find X3 that I could analyze myself, even if it was a higher range.

However, this is what it offers:

  • Camera 32 MP front with a quality according to the type of camera it is and uses that it is usually given
  • Main camera composed of three sensors: one angular 64 MP main, a 8 MP wide angle and one 2 MP macro. The wide angle suffers in low light and the macro is still one of those sensors that despite its usefulness do not make much sense to me.

In the tests that I have carried out with the camera, I do not say that I have not obtained interesting photos, especially if you stop a bit to play with the multiple options that the camera offers. But for the user who is only looking to point and shoot it may not be the ideal camera.

There are situations where HDR is not very fine and in low light you notice a drop in striking detail. So basically you limit yourself to using the 64 MP sensor if you want the best possible quality and, even so, you have to be careful when using the zoom that applies with crop to the sensor because the sharpness is decreasing.

Original photograph and after edition in Snapseed

As I say, they are correct cameras, but they do not make the device stand out in this section and it is a pity. Because with a little more ambition it could have been an even more attractive option.

A product with many aspirations

The Oppo Reno 6 there is no denying what it is a product that aspires to much, but it remains only those aspirations. Because to compete with the rest of the proposals it is not enough to offer one of the most beautiful designs that I have seen lately.

It is necessary that the experience of use in general is at the same level and that does not happen at all. It is true that its processor, screen, battery and system fluidity do not generate problems. They will not be the best, but they do meet what you can expect from a product in this range.

However, the issue of cameras falls. It is not that you cannot take good photographs, but you will have to invest extra time to achieve them, things that with other models do not cost. So there is the key, what interests you the most?

If you are looking for design, the truth is that 499 euros That cost could be half justified. But if you are interested in other sections such as photography, then you will feel that what it offers is not what you expect to obtain after paying that amount for it.

With proposals such as the OnePlus Word 2, the realme GT Master Edition or the recent Xiaomi 11T among many others, it will be difficult. Because these offer better cameras for the same or similar price and cost less. Although other aspects would have to be assessed.

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