Oppo Watch Free, the cheap Apple Watch for Android … and iOS

Oppo Watch Free, a cheap smartwatch

Talk about cheap smart watch It should not be at this point in the film synonymous with inferior performance, poor construction qualities, etc. Many brands have shown that they can make this type of product with a full guarantee.

One of them is Oppo, the manufacturer has already launched the odd interesting model. However, now they come up with a new proposal that can be much more attractive to a large number of users. Its about Oppo Watch Free.

Oppo’s new budget smartwatch is quite an attractive proposition. Not only because of the change in the shape factor, which goes from square to more rectangular, but also because of performance and price. So we are going to go part by part so that you know everything that adds value.

The first thing is the design. This time we have a product with a rectangular box instead of a square one. It is similar to other recent proposals that we have seen lately with the Realme Band 2, with which it could be said that it shares the design of the box.

Equipped with a 1.64 inch screen, the panel used is of type AMOLED 2.5D, in color and of course also tactile. Regarding resolution, it offers 280 x 456 pixels. A sufficient number of pixels to give an adequate pixel density with which to display all kinds of notifications and content in it with clarity. Always taking into account the limitations imposed by a screen of such dimensions.

Moving on to the subject of sensors, as it is becoming usual, this Oppo smartwatch has several that allow it to monitor a large number of sports activities to aspects such as heart rate rate and blood oxygen level.

The latter is interesting for the price of the device itself. And although its reliability is not the same as that of a dedicated device, the truth is that it perfectly serves as a guide for the needs of the majority.

In terms of connectivity, it offers Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC optionally. This in countries like China is ideal to be able to pay with it. Although we will not know if they will reach agreements once they make their landing in Spain with this model. And finally, a battery that according to the brand should offer 14 days of autonomy.

Thus, with all this and with quite elegant finishes plus a box with rounded frames and silicone bracelets to match the color of it (gold and black); This smartwatch looks pretty good even for iPhone users as it is compatible with iOS as well.

Smart watch and quantifying bracelet

The Oppo Watch Free is a very interesting proposal for benefits and also price. It is not a quantification puslera like those of realme or Xiaomi, but neither is it a high-performance and higher-priced watch like those that exist for both Android phones and Apple’s Apple Watch. Even so, that intermediate point that it achieves allows it to have a price that is also very adequate and cheaper than the Oppo Watch.

The NFC version of Oppo Watch Free would cost about 79 euros to change, while the simplest version (without NFC) would stay at about 72 euros to change. Very little difference if you have the currency exchange from yen to euro, it is assumed that when it officially reaches the market there will be something else, but surely the NFC model is still worth it.

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