Optis Wireless Technology receives $ 300 million in first payment from Apple

Patents is a business that moves millions of dollars around the world and in this case Apple is one of the companies that has the most in the world, but there are others that are practically exclusively dedicated to making patents and then litigating for them. In this case Optis Wireless Technology, belongs to one of these companies that bring together a group of companies that are exclusively dedicated to patent technology and then sue other companies to use their registered patents.

Optis and its sister companies, Optis Wireless Technology, Optis Cellular Technology, Unwired Planet, and Unwired Planet International are non-product-producing entities that hold a few patents that generate revenue for them through lawsuits. In an official statement, the Cupertino firm itself classified them as “troll” companies that only acquire patents to generate income without ever using them in products or the like, since they do not produce them.

Apple violated a series of Optis Wireless Technology patents related to 4G LTE technology used in Apple Watch and other products from the Cupertino firm. In this case, a jury found that Apple had infringed five patents registered by the conglomerate of companies Optis. At that time a much higher figure was announced, reached up to 506 million dollars, but later a judge in Texas overturned that sentence a few months later to focus solely on the damages caused by significantly lowering the final amount that Apple has to pay.

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