Oqee TV: Free integrates Chromecast and Picture-in-Picture functions on the app

Free has just announced the gradual rollout of a new version of the OQEE TV app for Android devices. This update brings two important features: the arrival of Chromecast, which allows you to broadcast your content on your TV and the Picture-in-Picture mode.

Free continues to regularly update its new OQEE TV interface. Available only on the Freebox Pop and Freebox Delta, this app provides free access on a second screen to all the channels offered by the operator, i.e. nearly 550 if you include the free and paid channels accessible via the operator’s bouquets.

Earlier this week, the French company rolled out a new version of its app on iOS, integrating Chromecast and the Picture-in-Picture function. And justly, it’s the turn of Android users to welcome this update on their respective smartphone and tabletprovided you run Android 7.1 minimum.

Chromecast and Picture-in-Picture mode are coming to OQEE TV

As said before, two important new features are on the program. First, the application now offers a Chromecast feature, useful for streaming your content to your compatible TV. In addition, the app finally has the mode Picture-in-Picture. This popular mode allows users to simply use other applications while continuing to watch your programs. Let’s finish then for the correction of a bug concerning the display of the duration of the recordings.

Note that this update will be rolled out gradually, so you may not have immediate access to it. As a reminder, Free recently released another update for the OQEE TV Android application. It was content to bring only one novelty, namely “dynamic adaptation of video quality”. In summary, this feature allows you to optimize the visual experience according to the available bandwidth and according to the image quality of your screen.

Since November 2021, the OQEE TV application is also available on Android TV. This is a beta, compatible with Android TV devices from Android 8. There will therefore be many Sony, Xiaomi, OnePlus models, not to mention the Android TV Nvidia Shield or Xiaomi Mi Box boxes.

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