Oqee TV: Free is rolling out an update to the Android application

Free announces the arrival of a new version of its Oqee TV application for Android. Numbered 10.0.35, this provides only one improvement: the dynamic adaptation of the video quality, thus optimizing the definition according to the screen and the connection. The application remains exclusive to Freebox Delta and Pop subscribers.

During the launch of the Freebox Pop, Free presented its new TV interface called Oqee TV. This interface is preinstalled on the rounded digital decoder and provides access not only to the operator’s package channels, but also to catch-up television services, a digital recorder and a few SVOD applications. Faced with a craze on the part of users, Free then declined its interface on other operating systems.

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This summer we reported in our columns that Free was deploying this application on iPhone, iPad, tvOS (on Apple TV) and Android. This allows you to benefit from all the advantages of the Freebox Pop interface while on the move or in another room of your home. Of course, some constraints accompany the installation of this application. But it provides real services for those who cannot watch their programs on the living room television.

Free rolls out an update to Oqee TV on Android

Of course, who says application also means improvement of the experience thanks to updates. This week, Free rolled out a new version of Oqee TV on Android. It is numbered 1.0.35. And it brings only one novelty: ” dynamic adaptation of video quality “. Said like that, it doesn’t look like much. But it is a huge improvement. Because this makes it possible to optimize the visual experience according to your access conditions.

Free does not detail exactly what this means. But we imagine that the application is capable ofincrease or decrease the quality of a video in real time according to the available bandwidth and according to the quality of the screen receiving the streaming stream. Remember that this application, exclusive to Freebox Pop and Delta subscribers (as well as multi-TV Pop and Apple TV subscribers), can be used from anywhere: fiber, ADSL, 4G or 5G …

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