Oral-B presents three new connected toothbrushes

The Oral-B toothbrush brand has announced the release of three new smart, connected models.

As often at CES, the biggest tech show of the year is an opportunity for brands to present some new products, but also to renew product ranges that are already well established. This is particularly the case of Oral-B. The toothbrush brand took advantage of the event to expand its iO connected range, with three very promising models.

iO 10, the ultimate toothbrush?

Taking up the codes of the iO series, the model 10 benefits from several very practical new features. Starting with a stopwatch directly integrated into the charging stand of the device. If this may seem anecdotal, it was until then necessary to take your phone with you to the bathroom, to take advantage of a stopwatch then accessible only from the application.

Oral-B iO10 base
© Oral-B

Even far from your smartphone, all the data collected by the iO series 10 brush will be automatically synchronized on the application. It will thus be possible to follow and analyze the brushing time, but also the regularity, and the pressure exerted on the gums. On this subject, the brand now equips its top-of-the-range model with a dedicated sensor, which will turn red if the pressure is too strong.

With its seven personalized brushing modes, and a positioning that we can already imagine very high-end, the iO 10 should go on sale during the year, at a price that we guess is similar to that of the previous model. , currently displayed around 250 €.

iO 4 and iO 5, cheaper, but less good

Oral-B iO4 base
© Oral-B

For those who would like to try smart brushing, without having to spend several hundred euros, the brand will also offer two more affordable versions: the iO 4 and iO 5, which will thus be marketed under the 100 mark. $. Logically at this price, it will be necessary to make some concessions, starting with the integrated stopwatch, which will simply be replaced by a colored LED which will light up when the brushing time is reached. Slightly more upscale, only the iO 5 model can also be paired with the mobile application. Note that only the iO 10 model should be launched in Europe. The iO 4 and iO 5 are currently expected only in the United States.

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