Orange customers affected by the security breach suffered by a company supplier

Orange alert! The chaos has arisen this Monday in Orange due to the fact that one of its suppliers has suffered a security breach. The first firewall measure has been to limit the provider’s access to all its systems.

The sensitive information that has been exposed publicly and that was handled by said provider to manage the contracted clients, collects: names, surnames, postal addresses, telephone numbers, identity document numbers, dates of birth, nationalities and IBAN codes.

They quickly got to work and notified all their customers by SMS and email. However, only certain personal data of customers who have received said notification from Orange would be affected.

Orange wants to make it clear to its customers, through an extensive statement issued on its website, that it works with its specialized cybersecurity professionals for the privacy and the security of your customers.

In the same way, they ensure that only the IBAN of those clients who have received said notification has been exposed, but at no time have they been compromised. data related to credit or debit cards, passwords or other access credentials. In spite of everything, it recommends its clients to change the access codes if it considers that they could have been compromised.

Basic recommendations

The National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) recommends that, if you have received a notification from Orange, let’s be very careful regarding the reception of calls, SMS or emails, especially if they request bank or personal data.

It is also suggested to implement the egosurfingthat is, investigate what personal information is circulating on the Internet without our knowledge, as well as any type of banking movement that has occurred in our account and that seems strange to us.

In the message sent to its customers, Orange also recommends that its customers file a complaint with the Police or consult the National Institute of Cybersecurity through its website or in the 017 in case of detecting banking anomalies.

Security breaches and the image of Orange

This security breach in the Orange supplier causes the company’s image to be seriously damaged.

The greatest damage would be received by clients, who could be sent advertising without your consent or see how your personal data is sold to third parties who could even impersonate your identity or commit scams in your name.

The Central Technological Investigation Brigade (BCIT) of the National Police has been notified about it. Similarly, Orange has made available to its customers the number of free phone 900901564 which is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Monday to Sunday, as well as email of the Office of the Data Protection Delegate.

Unfortunately, the breach of the private data of companies is common and some have already suffered security breaches in their systems before.

several weeks ago Telephone detected a security breach and promptly informed its users via email. On that occasion, information related to the equipment and Wi-Fi of Movistar and O2 customers was exposed.

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