Orange enters Spain 3,544 million euros between January and September 2021

Orange has communicated the income obtained in Spain during the first nine months of this year 2021: 3,544 million of euros, 4.9% less than during the same period in 2020. This decrease in income has slowed down in the third quarter of the year, in which its income, of 1,176 million euros, fell by 4.4%.

In this last quarter, Orange has added 76,000 net mobile contracts, as well as 8,000 convergent packages. Its fiber lines are up as well, and it now has 43,000 more. In this period they have also executed an ERE for 400 people, and has simplified your portfolio of brands, that now there are three: Orange, Jazztel and Simyo. In addition, it has confirmed that it will be the first of the three main operators to offer a connection speed of up to 10 Gbps, thanks to the commercialization of fiber optics with XPON technology.

Sales to individuals is the segment that has fallen the most for Orange with respect to 2017. This past quarter it has fallen by 7.9%, and accumulates a 8.8% decrease in the first nine months of 2021. In total, in this During this period, the company has received 2,407 million euros for sale to individuals.

On September 30, Orange, which has had Jean-François Fallacher as CEO since last September, had 2% more mobile lines. In total, it has 11.4 million. In addition, it has 4 million broadband clients, 1.1% more. Of these, 86% are fiber optic customers, and three million have converged packages.

In this past quarter, the Orange mobile area entered 217 million euros, 13.9% less, and fixed services 107 million, 9.3% less. Convergent packages also fell in revenue: 465 million euros, 4.8% less.

Furthermore, the company has confirmed, according to Europa Press, that Orange has provisioned 145 million euros for expenses derived from its restructuring in Spain, among which is the ERE mentioned, which resulted in 400 departures, including dismissals and early retirements. In addition, depreciations of assets were recorded for 542 million euros.

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