Orange fiber at -50%, a golden flash sale

Sosh, a brand of the Orange telecom group, has just announced a discounted price on its internet box. The “Sosh Box” drops below 15 euros per month, but it still includes fiber. From a value for money point of view, we have never seen better.

Orange, through its Sosh brand, has just announced an exceptional flash sale on its fibre. While it generally takes between 30 and 60 euros per month for an internet box with very high speed at the ISP, here you have an opportunity to have it at less than 15 euros per month. For the quality of the ISP’s network, it’s a crazy offer.

By opting for this internet box at Sosh, you access the Orange fiber with a speed of 300 Mb/s (for uploading and downloading). You also receive a telephone number which will also allow you to make unlimited calls to landlines in France and the overseas departments. This offer at 14.99 euros per month is valid for the entire first year. We remind you that this formula is non-binding.

I take advantage of the offer

To respond to the arrival of Free on the market, Orange came up with the Sosh brand. The latter relies on low prices to attract customers looking for savings. Whether on mobile plans or the internet box (fiber or ADSL), the prices displayed are lower than those of the Orange brand directly. However, the two brands use the same network.

What differentiates Orange and Sosh is contract management and customer support. By opting for fiber at Sosh rather than at Orange, you will have to manage your entire contract online. Customer support is also available only by phone or chat. It will not be possible to go to an Orange store, which explains the price difference. If you’re ready for that, you might as well go to Sosh.

Why choose this fiber at Sosh?

At less than 15 euros per month, Orange fiber via the Sosh brand is a nugget. In detail, this special offer will give you access to fiber with very high speed (300 Mb/s for downloading and sending). You must first check that your address is eligible for fiber. Otherwise, an Orange technician will have to connect you.

I take advantage of the offer

In addition to fiber, this Sosh internet box allows you to have an unlimited amount of calls to landlines in France, the overseas departments and more than 100 destinations around the world. However, this will not be the case on mobiles whose calls are chargeable. That said, landline phones have lost their appeal over the years to the detriment of smartphones.

Officially, this internet box cannot be considered triple-play by default. In this case, you will only receive access to the Orange TV application. This allows you to view a number of channels on your smartphone, tablet or computer. To obtain the TV decoder and access to your television, you will have to add 5 euros per month.

But honestly, for 14.99 euros per month, you can hardly ask for more. The fiber on the Orange network is already such a comfort that we cannot dream of better for this price.. If you want peace of mind and the best network with the best service, now is the time to go for it. Neither SFR nor Bouygues Telecom have such attractive offers.

An internet box easy to install

By opting for one of the best internet boxes on the market, you also benefit from an easy-to-install product. The first thing to know is that Sosh reimburses you up to 100 euros in termination fees if you come from the competition. If your current ISP charges such fees, you can therefore be reimbursed by switching to this new internet box. In general, the amount of fees is always less than 100 euros, which guarantees you a painless transition.

Once ordered, the internet box will arrive at your home in a few days. If your household is connected, you can then immediately connect to the Internet, whether wired or Wi-Fi. With a speed of 300 Mb/s in both directions, a household of several people can watch streaming videos without any slowdown. This speed will be sufficient for the vast majority of households in France.

For the past few hours, Orange has been aggressive at all levels. In addition to this internet box with fiber (at Sosh), the operator also offers a strong discount on its 70 GB mobile plan on its direct brand. The latter goes to 9.99 euros instead of 29.99 euros per months during the first year. This is an excellent price, which no competitor can match for this quality.

Remember that this Orange / Sosh internet box is priced at 14.99 euros per month for the first year. Compared to its base price, you therefore save 180 euros over the first 12 months. Beyond this period, you will again have to pay the default amount, ie 29.99 euros per month. You are not committed, so you can always refuse the price increase and switch to the competition. That said, considering the comfort, you’re going to think twice.

To discover this internet box, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

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