Orange Fiber is only € 22.99 / month, now is the right time to take advantage of it!

Want to switch to fiber? At the moment, the ISP Orange offers an essential offer which allows you to subscribe to a Fiber internet subscription for only 22.99 euros for the first year. Here are all the details of the offer and the subscription conditions.

Until February 2, 2022, Orange is offering an offer not to be missed on its Orange Fiber internet subscription. While it usually costs € 41.99 per month to benefit from high-speed internet, it is possible to subscribe to it at a lower cost, for € 22.99 per month for one year.

Beyond the period, the subscription price drops to € 41.99. Note that the offer is subject to a 12-month commitment, and that it takes 40 euros for commissioning costs. To take advantage of this good plan, you must go to the offer page and click on “Test your eligibility”. The advantages of Fiber over an ADSL Internet subscription are very numerous.

First of all, you will benefit from much faster upload and download speeds : up to 400Mbit / s downstream and 400Mbit / s upstream. Enough to make the most of all your multimedia content on applications such as Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, without slowdowns, but also benefit from a optimal online gaming experience in case you have a nex gen console or a gaming PC.

Then, the rental of the box is also included in the price of the subscription. It is in this case the Livebox 5 that is provided. The latter offers a compact design in 100% recycled plastic and makes automatic configuration of your network very simple. Among the services included, there is Orange TV with 140 TV channels included with the Ultra HD 4K decoder (on request). Finally, in terms of telephony, you benefit from unlimited calls to landlines.

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