Orange formalizes the Livebox 6, a flaw affects the Samsung Galaxy, this is the recap’

Orange today presented its new Livebox 6, together with a new, more expensive premium subscription. Security flaw affects millions of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. And Disney+ is removing two comedy films from its catalog. This is the recap of Wednesday April 6, 2022.

April 6, 2022 was marked by several official launches in France. First, that of the Xiaomi 12X. This smartphone is almost identical to the Xiaomi 12, but it opts for a different processor and a much lower price: 799 euros. Or 100 euros less than the flagship. Is the price-performance ratio better? Second launch, that of the Galaxy A13, an entry-level smartphone sold at 199 euros. It is, with the Galaxy A03, the cheapest Galaxy. Third launch, that of the Livebox 6, obviously. This is part of our selection of yesterday’s must-have items.

Orange unveils its new Box accompanied by a new package

During a half-virtual half-real press conference that will remain in the memories of its participants, Orange presented its Livebox 6. It will accompany the Livebox 5 launched in 2019 and which remains in the catalog. It has several technical innovations, including more up-to-date connectivity, with the WiFi 6E as a cornerstone. The Box wants to be more ecological, with several levels of monitoring, and more adaptable, since it will be possible to improve it. It is exclusively offered with a new premium plan, the price of which is 55 euros per month. Discover in our complete article all the information about the Livebox 6, its accessories and its package.

Read: Orange unveils the Wi-Fi 6E compatible Livebox 6 at €54.99/month

Millions of Samsung Galaxy are victims of a security breach

The American company Kryptowire has identified a critical security flaw that affects the application ” Telephone ” pre-installed on many models of Samsung smartphones. The version of the application is installed on all terminals running Android, from version 9 to version 12. So it concerns millions of users worldwide. Identified in November 2021, this flaw is the subject of a patch integrated into the February 2022 security update. Find in our complete article all the information on this vulnerability as well as the steps to install the patch.

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Disney + removes two comedy films from its catalog

In March 2022, Disney+ announced the arrival of two irreverent comedies produced by 20th Century Fox: hot shots and Hot Shots 2. These two films, with Charlie Sheen in the main role, pastiche (not always with very good taste) Top Gun and Hollywood cinema. April 1, 2022, the two films arrived in the Disney+ catalog, as expected. Four days later, they disappear from the American version of the streaming platform (but they remain available in other countries). Without explanation. They are also not the only victims of Disney’s “schizophrenic” strategy on content aimed at adult audiences.

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