Orange, Free, Bouygues, SFR: a telecom alliance is inevitable according to the CEO of Altice

French operators could soon put the subject of telecom consolidation back on the table. Patrick Drahi, boss of Altice, parent company of SFR, says that the threat of a takeover by an American operator is too great to be ignored. Only an alliance would prevent this outcome.

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Although she caused a lot of ink to flow a few years ago, telecom consolidation never happened. In 2018, Olivier Roussat, CEO of Bouygues Telecom, notably declared that the four-operator system is ideal as long as the sector remains profitable. But that could soon change. Patrick Drahi, founder of Altice, parent company of SFR, is convinced: the American threat hanging over the French market will eventually be right about the determination of the operators.

Questioned yesterday by the senators about the concentration of the media, the businessman returned to the subject. At first, it was very clear: “there is no reconciliation study” currently between the operators, according to him. However it’s not for lack of trying. ” I have tried everything “, he claims, but his attempts to buy it out or to settle have never been successful. However, he who “likes to insist in life” and that “in no hurry” is convinced that reconciliation is inevitable.

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Telecom consolidation is coming soon

Indeed, the threat of American operators, much larger than French ones, weighs well and truly on the French market. “The profit of each of the American operators is greater than the turnover of the entire French telecom market. How do you expect us to resist these people? It’s impossible “explains Patrick Drahi.

For him, it is certain: if the French operators do not ally quickly, it is only a matter of time before they are made redeem for their counterparts across the Atlantic. The CEO of Altice did not expand on the consequences of such a transaction, but we guess that he is not particularly cheerful by this prospect. It remains to be seen if his colleagues will listen to him.

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