Orange network: this mobile plan with 80 GB and unlimited calls costs € 3.99

Lebara does not stop with his crazy promotions! The MVNO once again lowers its prices and offers its 80 GB package at only € 3.99 / month. Prepaid and without obligation, its offer guarantees you flexibility and freedom, while allowing you to make great savings.

Lebara breaks the price of her 80 GB prepaid plan – Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Lebara is no longer to present! For those who only have eyes for prepaid, the MVNO is often the preferred provider. On its site, it offers no less than four prepaid mobile plans that it often promotes. Exactly, this is currently the case with its 80 GB package.

Thanks to the new Lebara promo, you benefit from an exceptional 80% discount on your package, provided you order your SIM card online. Concretely, you will be billed at € 3.99 / 30 days instead of € 19.99 / 30 days during your first quarter of subscription.

So, are you interested in this proposal? Read on to find out more.

80 GB plan at € 3.99: the ideal offer to save at the start of the year

An 80 GB plan is expensive. On average, the subscription is sold at 20 € / month. And even if the prices tend to drop during the promotion period, they rarely drop below 10 € / month.

This to say that the offer displayed by Lebara is quite exceptional. 80 GB of data for € 3.99 is unheard of! Even though the reduction is only valid for three months, it already saves nearly € 50 at the end of this period. In addition, you will not have to stay with the operator after these three months.

Indeed, it is a non-binding offer, but also prepaid. In other words, you are free to cancel your subscription at any time, without any constraint.

In addition, since you only consume what you have already paid for, all you have to do is not renew your offer to avoid having to undergo the price change.

With all that this Lebara package has to offer, however, it will be difficult to leave it after testing it. The offer includes in particular:

  • 80 GB of data in 4G + usable in mainland France;
  • Unlimited calls and SMS in mainland France;
  • Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles from 43 international destinations.

Best of all, the Lebara SIM card is free, as is its delivery.

While you will have to pay the SIM card 5 € or 10 € with the competition, yours will be offered to you. In addition, it will be immediately usable, no waiting period.

Finally, thanks to the subscription to its 80 GB prepaid plan, Lebara offers you 2 GB of mobile data the first month as a gift. So, still not convinced?

Other good reasons to subscribe to a Lebara package

Lebara prepaid plans are appreciated for their flexibility. They give you great freedom in managing your subscription. Depending on your needs, you can change your offer from one month to the next without the slightest worry. From your personal space, you also have the possibility to pause or stop your subscription, without forgetting the termination which can be done at any time.

Simple, subscribing to a Lebara package does not require you to sign a contract or submit your RIB (bank identity statement). You can pay for your subscription with your PayPal account or your credit card.

In addition, you will also be entitled to one of the best current mobile networks in France. Lebara operates on the Orange network. Since it covers over 99% of the population, there is very little chance that you will not have a network no matter where you are.

Finally, the MVNO has put together an interesting referral program that allows you to earn a reward for each person you manage to convince to join.

To remember :

  • 80 GB Lebara package on offer at € 3.99 / 30 days instead of € 19.99 / 30 days;
  • 80% reduction if you order your SIM card online.

This article is a publication produced in partnership with Lebara.

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